An evaluation is highly confidential and personal and we completely understand this. Our Valuer will arrive at the practice at an appointed time ‘undercover’ to preserve your confidentiality with your practice team.

Sale – Our evaluations have been proven to be accurate in the open market with virtually all the practices being sold, during the past 18 months, achieving the full Frank Taylor & Associates evaluation.  And with our robust and in-depth Evaluation Service being provided completely free of charge to all dental professionals planning to sell their practice, we’re confident that the true value of the practice is achieved at all times.

Purchase – Our principles and approach do not depend on the source of instruction as we believe that each practice has an independent market value regardless of who instructs us.

Incorporation – We understand the unique requirements of providing a valuation for the purpose of incorporating and our report will include the necessary additional elements which we know will be required by HM Revenue & Customs.

Arranging Finance – Most of the leading financial institutions are well known to Frank Taylor and Associates and as such hold our valuations in high regard. Many of our clients use our reports to arrange or re-arrange their finances.

If the purpose of the valuation is to help secure funding, please let us know when you enquire about the valuation as we are able to provide a free loan arranging service through FT&A Finance.

There are a variety of other reasons why you may need a valuation including:

  • Divorce
  • Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Sale due to death or illness of the principal
  • Partnership buy in / buy out
  • Private sales – to a colleague or associate

With sensitivity, discretion and professionalism, Frank Taylor & Associates will help you cope with any situation that may arise. To find out more please call 0330 088 11 56 or contact us.