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Unlock the wealth of knowledge stored in our past FTA webinar recordings. Each session is a treasure trove of insights, featuring esteemed guests from the dental sector, ready to share their expertise and insider tips.

All our webinars are presented LIVE and are free to attend.  However, we fully understand that life can get busy so that’s why we’re thrilled to offer you the opportunity to watch these valuable recordings whenever suits you – FREE OF CHARGE!

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn at your own pace.

From Zero to Practice Hero: Sharing my dental startup journey

Are you dreaming of launching your own dental practice but feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead? Look no further! In this webinar with Bobby Bhandal, "From Zero to Practice Hero: Sharing My Dental Startup Journey," you'll gain invaluable insights from someone who's been in your shoes. Here's what you can expect: • Discover the Motivation: Learn about the personal reasons that drove Bobby to embark on his dental practice journey. Find inspiration and clarity for your own entrepreneurial path. • Understanding Suitability: Not everyone is cut out for the world of dental practice, and that's okay. Gain insights into the traits and qualities that make a successful dental entrepreneur and determine if it's the right fit for you. • Navigating the Challenges: Starting a dental practice is no walk in the park. Explore the hurdles and obstacles that lie ahead and gain practical strategies for overcoming them. • Proven Success Strategies: Get ready to equip yourself with top tips and actionable advice for setting yourself up for success in your dental startup journey. From building a solid foundation to attracting and retaining patients, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from someone who's been through it all and emerged victorious.

Bobby Bhandal
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Learn Insights on Practice Setup and Career Journey

In this webinar Dr Shabnam Zai, Clinical Director and co-founder of West House Dental in Pinner Park delves into her personal journey, covering key topics such as: - Finding the perfect practice: Hear first-hand about her quest for the right practice and the factors that guided her decision-making process. - From vision to reality: Discover the motivations behind setting up a dental practice from scratch, and the challenges encountered along the way. - Overcoming obstacles: Gain valuable insights as Shabnam shares the difficulties she faced and the invaluable lessons learned during her entrepreneurial journey. - Life as a dental principal vs. an associate: Explore the unique dynamics of leading a practice versus working as an associate, and learn about the rewards and challenges of each role.

Dr Shabnam Zai
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