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How to sell a dental practice?


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How to sell a dental practice?

You need to be well prepared for selling and start this preparation as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays.  Selling a dental practice is also so much more than just finding a buyer.  Firstly, you need to ensure the buyer is credible; you’ll need to vet them before disclosing any personal information. You’ll also need to get an independent valuation of your dental practice before accepting an offer. Engaging the services of an agent such as Frank Taylor & Associates, the UK’s leading dental sales broker, will mean you can carry on doing your day job, whilst the experts focus on dealing with and managing your sale so it completes in a timely manner.  Selling a dental practice is not like selling a house so you need to think very carefully about your approach. Most dentists only sell their dental practice once, so it makes sense to leave it to those experienced in the process.

How do I find a buyer when I decide to sell my dental practice?

There’s a lot to consider when selling a dental practice and no two practices are the same. At Frank Taylor & Associates, the UK’s leading dental sales agent and broker, we have over 5,000 credible and financially vetted buyers registered with us who are all looking to buy a dental practice. We also only market a dental practice for sale on the open market, and not just to an ‘elite’ group of buyers, and don’t accept any fees from buyers, so you can be sure that you will achieve the best value for your practice at the end of a sale.

What is the best way to sell a dental practice?

Ultimately, engaging the expert services of a dental sales agent and broker such as Frank Taylor & Associates will give you the best chance of selling your dental practice.  With years of experience working in the dental sales market, and an unrivalled track record in dental practice sales and valuations, Frank Taylor & Associates really do know just how to sell a dental practice and have a unique knowledge of the demand for dental practices in different geographical locations and an extensive database of qualified potential buyers that will ensure you find the most suitable buyer for your practice.  You should prepare your documentation as early as possible and also surround yourself with a team of specialists, including a dental specialist lawyer and accountant, who understand the specifics of the dental practice sales market.  All these factors will result in the sale of your dental practice in a timely and stress-free manner.

Find out how to sell a dental practice, contact Frank Taylor & Associates today. 

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