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Manhar’s Story


Manhar Segal shares a heartfelt account of his journey in dental practice ownership.

Beginning with meeting his partner during the initial stages of his career, they embarked on a dream to establish their own dental practice. Starting in a modest, run-down shop, their practice quickly flourished, leading them to expand from three to five surgeries. As they aimed to be more accessible to their patients, the duo explored various agencies to aid in their expansion.

However, their initial experiences with the sales process and agencies were less than satisfactory. It was only after an encounter with Frank Taylor & Associates at a motor event that they found the right direction.

Engaging in a detailed conversation with an agent, they were presented with a well-structured plan for a potential sale, which garnered immediate and positive feedback from potential buyers.

Manhar also touches upon a lucrative job offer he received from a corporate entity, which not only provided him with financial stability but also positively impacted his family life.

He concludes by discussing a new business venture related to a salary access scheme and his acquisition of a historic building in Paignton, which he intends to transform into affordable housing. Throughout his narrative, Manhar expresses his gratitude for the opportunities and financial freedom he has been granted.

This is a great personal story from Manhar that is well worth a listen.

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