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If you’ve found the dental practice you want to buy and had your offer accepted, you’ve reached what is probably one of the most exciting yet challenging parts of the sales process. The search for the right dental practice can take time and buying the right dental practice is important, especially given most buyers own their dental practice for at least seven years.

At this early stage of buying a dental practice, it is important that you know what needs to happen at certain times as your dental practice purchase progresses over the next few weeks and months. For most buyers this is their first acquisition of a dental practice whereas the team at Frank Taylor & Associates have been involved in thousands of dental practice sales. That’s why we’ve put together our ‘Buyers Toolkit’ which is specifically designed for dentists like you who are embarking on their first purchase of a dental practice. Getting access to this wealth of experience can save you time, stress and money through the buying process.

The ‘Buyers Toolkit’ is just one of the resources available to dentists buying a dental practice through Frank Taylor & Associates. Our aim is to make the process and easy and smooth as possible so you can progress to the next stage of your dental career as a principal. You can also rest assured that Frank Taylor & Associates is committed to the Practice Sales Promise which is a voluntary code of conduct for dental sales agents across the UK.

The Buyers Toolkit is designed to give you a road map as to what to expect and when it should happen as you work through the process of buying your dental practice and is available for FREE.

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