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Dentology Podcast with Christina Radics


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Transcript – Dentology Podcast with Christina Radics

Episode release date – Monday 29 January 2024

Andy & Chris (00:00.64)
bring an eclectic feel and an international flavor to the podcast from time to time don’t we? International cultural unification I think is what we’re aiming for. Yeah well I think now we’re kind of spanning lots of countries in one go. Yeah we’re doing a like a European tour in one person. It is, it is. So today we’re very fortunate. We have Dr Christina Radix joining us today. Christina is a dentist based in Spain, former practice owner, transformational coach for dentists and a DJ.

Dr. Christina Radics (00:16.931)
Ha ha!

Andy & Chris (00:29.044)
That is not just an eclectic mix of countries, but job titles. It is. Welcome, Christina. How are you doing?

Dr. Christina Radics (00:36.613)
Thank you so much, thank you for inviting me, it’s lovely to see you again. I’m great.

Andy & Chris (00:41.916)
Yeah, well we met, didn’t we? Because you were invited by Rabiha, you came over for the Global Dental Collective, we’re doing a Dentarama event, and we met before that and we had a chat, which was lovely. And we avoided Shisha. We did, we did. It was a good event, wasn’t it?

Dr. Christina Radics (00:48.167)

Dr. Christina Radics (00:53.87)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it was lovely. Yeah, it was great. It’s really needed amongst the dental dentists in the dental community. So I really enjoyed it.

Andy & Chris (01:09.808)
Yeah, and credit to you for coming all the way, because you literally… Oh yeah, but you came over from Spain just for that event as well, didn’t you?

Dr. Christina Radics (01:10.186)
especially because it’s so different.

Dr. Christina Radics (01:17.39)
Yeah, yeah, and I’m happy I did it. It’s wonderful.

Andy & Chris (01:21.14)
Good, good, good. Before we start and get into your dental career and your practice ownership and how you help dentists now, you’ve got a very eclectic background. Can you share with us kind of your background and your upbringing and then we’ll kind of get onto the dental bit, because it is fascinating.

Dr. Christina Radics (01:38.286)
Yes, I will. I was born in Malmö, south of Sweden and my mother is from Greece, my father from Hungary. So I grew up in this… Today a lot of people are like me when we’re mixed and we live in another country and it makes you feel you don’t really belong to… You belong to everything or nothing, you know, you’re in like in the middle

in a middle kind of land, but I always saw it exotic. I saw it in a positive way because I also know several languages, so I can understand a lot of people. And sometimes I’m in situations that I’m like, oh, don’t speak about me because I you don’t know that I will understand you, you know, and languages. It’s powerful to know languages. So, yeah, so that is how I grew up.

Andy & Chris (02:07.892)

Andy & Chris (02:13.065)

Andy & Chris (02:17.92)

Andy & Chris (02:25.024)

Andy & Chris (02:28.46)

Andy & Chris (02:32.188)
It’s quite good as well, really. Because if you have any inkling of sport, you’ve got your foot in about four camps. Yes. You’ve got Sweden, Spain. It’s quite handy, really, as English. As English, we’ve got England. That’s about it, really. But you’ve got a chance. Actually, today I am Hungarian, because we’re doing really well. So Christina, with a… Yeah, with a… Definitely. So with a Greek mother, a Hungarian father.

Dr. Christina Radics (02:40.506)
yeah that happens a lot yeah that happens a lot yeah

Dr. Christina Radics (02:52.672)
Yeah, exactly, you can choose a little bit, the best of everything.

Andy & Chris (03:02.undefined)
You were brought up in Sweden and you live in Spain. Where feels home to you? How many passports do you have? Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (03:05.938)

Dr. Christina Radics (03:10.174)
Yeah, I have a Swedish passport. I feel… Now Spain feels like home because I’ve lived there for 18 years. So it’s like, oh yeah, almost half my adult life. So now Spain feels home. But it’s true that you feel like pieces of everything. I feel Swedish. At the same time, if you’re like…

You grew up with a Greek mother who shouts and speaks like this. You understand that part as well. And then my father is very like, calm. He’s like Mr. Bean kind of type. So when you grew up seeing all… When you grow up seeing all these things, you can understand a lot of people as well. So I think that’s one of my strengths that I…

Andy & Chris (03:42.056)

Andy & Chris (03:54.779)
I’m sure he loves that comparison.

Dr. Christina Radics (04:06.182)
understand different cultures and why people are in different ways because I’ve seen different people around me all the time.

Andy & Chris (04:06.225)

Andy & Chris (04:15.284)
Does that mean that you adapt to different situations quickly and settle down quickly? Lots of people take quite a while to get comfortable in their environment, but because you’ve got so many elements, do you settle in very quickly to where you are?

Dr. Christina Radics (04:20.077)

Dr. Christina Radics (04:24.759)

Yeah, yeah, very quickly. I feel… I feel that I can speak with any person. I don’t have been in any situation. And but I have noticed that I feel best when I’m with people who are real, who are not like faking or trying to be something else. But I feel in those situations, I can feel uncomfortable.

Andy & Chris (04:48.399)

Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (04:55.638)
But then it doesn’t matter if it’s how the place is, I can, or how the person is from where they are. I can adapt very easily. But that’s a bad side as well, and that we will come to later.

Andy & Chris (04:56.337)

Andy & Chris (05:11.508)
Yes, so you qualified as a dentist back in Sweden. What was the dental school experience like there? We quite often ask dentists, but the majority of the dentists we talked to qualified in the UK, so their experience was unique to them. There’s a kind of pattern in terms of what it looks like. But what was dental school like for you? Because in the UK, one of the things we hear quite a lot now is that the hands-on experience seems to be…

Dr. Christina Radics (05:16.738)

Andy & Chris (05:37.032)
reducing as the years roll on. Did you get lots of hands on experience when you were learning?

Dr. Christina Radics (05:38.862)
Mmm, oh. Yeah, a lot. We, the first year was the first year, the first year was without patience. But then we started having our own patience from the second year until we stopped the fifth year. So I felt very comfortable with the practical skills. And another thing that we had that was really cool that they just started is that

Andy & Chris (06:02.794)
That’s good.

Dr. Christina Radics (06:09.194)
We had problem-based learning. So each week we got, we were working in smaller groups of eight students and we got a problem. Like for example, a woman comes to your clinic with pain. What could it be? And then we had to search for possible explanations, answers.

So they didn’t give us just the answers. We had to search, we had to think, we had to be in the team, speaking, discussing, and I think that’s a really good way of learning.

Andy & Chris (06:50.325)
Hmm. Very good indeed. So how long did you practice dentistry for in Sweden before you went to Spain?

Dr. Christina Radics (06:52.138)

Dr. Christina Radics (06:57.342)
Yeah, I studied for five years and the fifth year we were working outside the school and worked at the dental clinic as well. So we saw how it was to work in the real life. And then so that clinic wanted me to stay, continue working there. But I already knew that I wanted to try to live in a warmer country. I felt like I…

Andy & Chris (07:25.754)

Dr. Christina Radics (07:28.574)
I think that’s also because every summer I was in Greece with my grandmother in a village. I loved that. So I remember feeling that I want at least to try how it is to live in another warmer country or with more light because I felt how it affected me. So I went pretty fast after getting my certification.

Andy & Chris (07:38.184)

Andy & Chris (07:46.758)

Andy & Chris (07:52.678)

Dr. Christina Radics (07:57.45)
And I went to South of Spain because I… There are a lot of Scandinavians there. So it’s almost like little Sweden, little Norway there. Yeah, there are a lot of Scandinavian clinics. So I found one Swedish clinic there that I started to work at.

Andy & Chris (07:58.046)
Mm. So was that your…

Andy & Chris (08:06.071)
Oh, okay. Didn’t know that.

Andy & Chris (08:15.656)
So that was your motivation, your motivation to go to Spain with sunshine. It was heat.

Dr. Christina Radics (08:20.614)
Yeah, yeah, to not live only. Yeah, yeah, I wanted to, yeah, enjoy more light.

Andy & Chris (08:23.622)

Andy & Chris (08:30.736)
It’s brilliantly simple. Do you know what I mean? Other people come up with some maybe convoluted reason how they got to somewhere and basically you wanted a bit of warmth. Yeah. But I think it shows a real self-awareness on your part because…

Dr. Christina Radics (08:40.915)

Andy & Chris (08:44.892)
You know, we know the impact on daylight that daylight has on us as a species. And, you know, particularly in Scandinavian countries, particularly in the north, you know, there are social and health issues related to the fact that it’s dark so much of the time. So for you to have that awareness quite young, to be like, I need to get somewhere that’s warmer and there is longer periods of daylight is quite smart because, you know, we’re going to come on kind of the well-being side of things. And yes.

Dr. Christina Radics (08:58.326)

Dr. Christina Radics (09:07.158)
Yeah. In that way.

Andy & Chris (09:13.04)
Yes, but obviously there was another element that affected you. Yeah. So talk us through. So you land in Spain, you’ve got the sunshine, everything’s going well. At this time, you’re working as a dentist in somebody else’s practice, or did you biopractice quite quickly?

Dr. Christina Radics (09:13.086)
In that way I was self-aware. Yeah, exactly.

Dr. Christina Radics (09:31.315)
Yeah, somebody else’s practice. And he was in a situation that he wanted to start to work less. So I was working a lot. And I am a little bit like that in my personality that I give 100% and not only 100, 200. Like, so I had the emergency mobile. I answered everyone.

I went to the clinic Saturdays or Sundays if it was needed. I didn’t have any boundaries. I wanted to grow up this patient stock. And I made a lot of, I made like articles in the newspapers there. I tried to get known as much as possible. So I worked a lot, but of course I started from zero.

Andy & Chris (10:07.876)
Mm. Mm-hmm.

Andy & Chris (10:20.841)

Dr. Christina Radics (10:25.834)
So I started almost without any patience. So I had to build that up.

Andy & Chris (10:26.804)
Hmm. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (10:32.628)
Sure. And was that the practice you went on to buy or did you buy practice somewhere else?

Dr. Christina Radics (10:37.166)
Exactly. So after six years, yeah, after six years, I became an associate. And then after another seven years, I became the only owner. So I was at the same clinic for eight for 18 years. So yeah.

Andy & Chris (10:55.676)
Right. Brilliant.

Andy & Chris (11:01.376)
Wow. It’s a long time. That’s a long time. And you’ve taught very openly.

Dr. Christina Radics (11:04.63)
Yeah, and that doesn’t happen so many times.

Andy & Chris (11:09.18)
No, no, not at all, not at all. Quite often people do bounce around or they go and buy a practice that they’ve had no previous involvement in. They just turn up and they’re the owner. You’ve talked very openly about kind of the impact that had on your wellbeing in terms of owning a practice and all that comes with that. And you had some kind of periods of burnout through that period. What was the buildup to that? How did that kind of manifest itself with you? Was it a long run up for that to happen? Or was it something that kind of hit you quite quickly?

Dr. Christina Radics (11:11.267)

Dr. Christina Radics (11:14.593)

Dr. Christina Radics (11:17.998)

Dr. Christina Radics (11:40.494)
Yeah, the thing is that it hits me after 10 years and when it… The thing is that we don’t notice when the burnout is building up. That is why it’s so important that we know the signs because there are these subtle signs in the change of the personality that we have to be more aware of because when it hits, it hits pretty hard that you can not just continue.

Andy & Chris (11:51.252)

Andy & Chris (12:05.051)

Dr. Christina Radics (12:10.558)
And that happened to me after 10 years. But I don’t know exactly when the burnout signs happened because they had, they, they appear earlier. I don’t, I’m not sure when it appeared, but the question was how it started.

Andy & Chris (12:11.235)

Andy & Chris (12:20.621)

Andy & Chris (12:31.76)
It was what, yeah, whether you were aware. I mean, I think you’ve probably answered it in terms of, it sounds to me like- It’s the frog in the frying pan. Yeah, it is, isn’t it? It’s kind of the boiling frog, isn’t it? It kind of just gets hotter and hotter. And then something happens that kind of, it’s just overbearing, it’s overwhelming.

Dr. Christina Radics (12:34.562)

Dr. Christina Radics (12:45.091)

Yeah, many times it happens when… Exactly, exactly. Many times it happens also when other things happen because we have a private life as well. I had a husband, three children. So you have this private life going on at the same time as you have your own dental clinic. So it just gets too much. The thing is, as you said, that I was good at self-awareness. I…

Andy & Chris (12:58.366)

Dr. Christina Radics (13:15.694)
I didn’t have any self-awareness, I didn’t listen to my own feelings. I didn’t put any boundaries, I wanted to please everyone. And that’s not sustainable.

Andy & Chris (13:21.166)

Andy & Chris (13:29.314)
You said about your family, did you notice the signs of burnout yourself or was it your family? Did somebody draw attention to the fact that you were perhaps struggling in some way?

Dr. Christina Radics (13:42.158)
That summer, this happened in November, but during the summer I started to cry easily. We were doing a big job in our home as well, so it was chaotic at home. And I remember when I went to buy things for the home for that renovation, I remember I could just stop the car and cry. So I realized that was signs that…

something was going on. But then I, it was not until one day in November when I came to work and I signed the agenda that the man, a patient still had pain after doing a root canal treatment with, which is really pretty normal for a dentist. But that was just like, I just started to cry, cry. It felt like you get those feelings that I’m not good at anything. I cannot accomplish anything. That is the…

Andy & Chris (14:29.417)

Dr. Christina Radics (14:40.706)
the bad side of burnout that leads to depression, that you feel like it doesn’t matter what, nothing turns out well. So I started to cry and the other dentist just said, Christina, you have to go home. You have to go home and stay there for a while.

Andy & Chris (14:54.141)

Andy & Chris (15:04.144)
And did this come as a shock to your family? Were they as surprised as you that it hit you this hard?

Dr. Christina Radics (15:10.774)
I have had a very understanding husband by my side all the time. We have known each other since we were six. So he knows that I go all in. He knows that I’m always exaggerating with things or, you know, he’s always saying you’re working too much. And I’m like, no, I’m not. So I think for him, it was just like, okay, this was supposed to happen. Like, but I’m never listening to him.

or to anyone, but now I’ve learned. So, well, I don’t know. I don’t know if it came as a surprise, but he has always been there, like, just supporting and just try to take it easy now, Christina. Don’t overdo things.

Andy & Chris (15:40.276)

Andy & Chris (15:44.603)

Andy & Chris (15:52.469)

Andy & Chris (15:59.91)

Andy & Chris (16:03.828)
Yeah, what did you do? Because it’s very easy for people to say take it easy. Hmm. Yeah, it’s like Plattitude what does it look like? Yeah

Dr. Christina Radics (16:04.47)

Dr. Christina Radics (16:09.551)
Yeah, what I, yeah.

Yeah, so what I did I Started to I want the thing is that I felt so detached from myself and I was like what is going on I got afraid what is going on with me. I want to know why am I not happy when I have everything I wanted so I went to the Doctor and said could you help me find somebody a psychologist or something that I could speak with?

and he just wanted to hand me out some medicine, like antidepressant or something. And I was like, no, I don’t want medicine. I know that there are cases where it’s needed. I want to speak with somebody. And finally I found a psychologist and I was, she heard that I had no boundaries at all. And she said, now you have to concentrate just doing things that makes you happy. Just take these small steps, go to the sea.

watch the sea, be with the nature, is that we forget how to be mindful. We forget how to just stay because we are running in this hamster wheel. And day by day we get detached from ourselves. And so it helped me. I stayed at home for a month and I thought I knew the answers now and I could continue, but it would take another seven years.

Andy & Chris (17:36.192)
Hmm. And you… And you were owning the practice at this time.

Dr. Christina Radics (17:40.595)
Until the next one.

Yeah, at the first time I was an associate. We were two that was owning the clinic. And but the second time I was the only owner. Partner, yes. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s yeah, it’s not the same as.

Andy & Chris (17:53.168)
Right. Ah, so associate, you mean partner.

Yeah, just checking for the UK guys. It’s a partner. Yeah, yeah, just checking. Yeah, yeah, so we would refer to, so an associate in the UK would be a self-employed dentist working for the owner, which we would say the principal. So you and associate, which is in a partnership, and then you became the sole owner. So in the UK, that would be a principal. But in both scenarios, you were an owner. Yes.

Dr. Christina Radics (18:05.956)
Okay, okay.

Dr. Christina Radics (18:14.992)
Ah, okay, yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (18:19.558)
Yeah, yeah, but then I was a associate first, yeah, then I was associate first, then a partner and then the only owner. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (18:28.509)

Andy & Chris (18:33.993)
That’s it. Yeah. Right, yeah. And was it this second period of burnout that led to you selling the dental practice? Was that kind of the thing that you said, this is a contributing factor to my kind of repeating behaviour, my wellbeing, therefore I need to kind of move on from owning a practice?

Dr. Christina Radics (18:51.758)
Yes, exactly. Because the first burnout, the signs were I couldn’t sleep properly, I was sad. And I couldn’t concentrate as well as before. And the feeling of being detached and sad. The second burnout was much, much more physical.

I could not sleep even for one hour until my body woke me up with these panic attacks, with tachycardia, high blood pressure. Like if a lion was running after me, that feeling. I got really scared. I felt like I don’t want to get a stroke or die. I’m too young for this to happen. And another thing.

Andy & Chris (19:29.528)

Andy & Chris (19:47.054)

Dr. Christina Radics (19:49.114)
it was that I started to feel like I didn’t want to hear about dentists, dentistry. I could just see the word dentist and I was like, I didn’t want to see it in the field. Like it was something that gave me bad association.

Andy & Chris (20:01.589)

Andy & Chris (20:09.048)
Right. So on the first time you recognized you had burnout and learned some skills to try and help you, which obviously you did. So did you then forget about those or did you think that you were sorted and didn’t need to worry about those skills and therefore effectively when it happened, you know, your second burnout, it was all a bit of a surprise to you because you’d sort of

come through one. Just intrigued.

Dr. Christina Radics (20:41.598)
Yeah, yeah, good question there. I, uh.

Dr. Christina Radics (20:48.406)
I think I first of all I think I forgot but still I on the after the first burnout was when I realized that I loved music I’ve always been loving music so I brought up that passion again and became the DJ so I and I was always training at the gym in the morning so I did do these self-care things as well and I thought it was enough I thought I was

doing enough self-care and being enough self-awareness but it’s much more than that because it’s about setting boundaries, it’s about leadership. I will come to that with my advices if somebody wants to buy a clinic because it’s so much more. It’s not just going to the gym and that is enough. It’s you have to get the right skills.

Andy & Chris (21:42.836)

Dr. Christina Radics (21:45.678)
to be able to be happy as a dental clinic owner.

Andy & Chris (21:52.484)
So because this kind of reoccurred and was a second moment, was that kind of the trigger where you felt that owning the practice was such a significant… Was the trigger. Yeah, contributed to your all-round health, the practice had to go to effectively protect yourself as an individual.

Dr. Christina Radics (22:04.57)

Dr. Christina Radics (22:11.126)
Yeah, I remember I was standing with my dogs and it was such a beautiful moment because I was standing with my dogs. I was seeing this beautiful sunrise in November. It’s really beautiful. These reddish yellowish colors. And I was really starting to get depressed. I wasn’t, it was not sadness anymore. I felt like if I’m going to continue like this, I don’t want to live.

And it scared me getting these feelings and the same feeling. Why does this happen to me when I have everything I want? I have this beautiful family. I have this caring husband. I have a clinic that I wanted. So I know, I don’t know where, but I got this strength that Christina push the pause button in your life. So I call my mother.

Andy & Chris (22:42.3)
Wow, wow.

Andy & Chris (22:53.012)

Dr. Christina Radics (23:11.31)
And I said, mom, I think I just have to come to your place to just… I felt like this small little bird, you know, or a small little baby, just take care of me, you know, and leave everything, leave all… Yeah. So again, I was so…

Andy & Chris (23:16.55)

Andy & Chris (23:22.058)

Andy & Chris (23:28.677)
Was anybody supporting you through this period, Christine? Did you have a therapist or anyone supporting you through this, or were you just kind of trying to navigate it yourself?

Dr. Christina Radics (23:40.95)
navigating it myself. Yeah. So I was… And I think I didn’t have any self-awareness. I don’t think… I asked my husband, did you know that I was suffering so much? And he said, no, actually I didn’t.

Andy & Chris (23:46.314)

Andy & Chris (24:00.922)
Are you still married?

Dr. Christina Radics (24:03.462)
yes! yes, yes do this, yeah, hey

Andy & Chris (24:06.116)
to the same husband. But I think that says an awful lot about us as humans, we’re particularly good at hiding things in terms of how we really feel and what’s affecting us. Because he’s obviously known you think you’re sick. From her husband, yeah. You know, you live together, he’s your husband, you share a house. Yeah, he didn’t know that it was affecting you to the extent it is. And I think that’s one of the big dangers of life, generally, isn’t it? That you ever really know somebody to the extent where.

Dr. Christina Radics (24:16.182)
Yah. Yah!

Andy & Chris (24:33.084)
you kind of can help them because this sounds like a really tough time for you. And hats off to him.

Dr. Christina Radics (24:37.406)
Yeah, yeah. And I think I was hiding it from myself. You know, I still went to work. I still continued and as normal until I saw that even it was so strange because I started to see that when people saw me, I looked tired or as I was having a burnout because I could see pity in

Andy & Chris (24:44.513)

Andy & Chris (24:49.182)

Andy & Chris (25:00.576)
Hmm. Right, yeah. Hmm.

Dr. Christina Radics (25:07.346)
It’s difficult to explain, but I could see pity in their way of seeing me. But I was still… Because normally I’m very happy and very energetic, so I think it’s…

Andy & Chris (25:09.6)
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Andy & Chris (25:20.06)
Yeah, but perhaps you were pretending. Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (25:23.738)
Yeah, yeah, because I couldn’t see that there was another way. I thought that I would die with that clinic.

Andy & Chris (25:24.796)
So you hit your, yeah, yeah. So you hit your, oh wow. So you hit your self-imposed pause button and you went to Greece. How long did you go to Greece for and did that turn things around for you?

Dr. Christina Radics (25:33.428)
I’m sorry.

Dr. Christina Radics (25:42.506)
Yeah, I went to Greece and I went with the plan saw on the airport. I bought this small notebook, so I started to journaling like writing down my feelings and I said to myself even if I don’t have the energy I want to go to the sea and walk by the sea Every day to be with nature and

Andy & Chris (26:11.264)

Dr. Christina Radics (26:11.574)
You almost get a little bit spiritual when you’re in situations like that, because it’s like you just like, give me an answer, you know, help me, somebody help me, giving me the answers why I’m not happy. And so I realized there that I cannot, I cannot have a clinic anymore. I’m not happy having a clinic.

Andy & Chris (26:17.788)

Andy & Chris (26:22.045)

Dr. Christina Radics (26:37.022)
It’s not me, I’ve been fooling myself. I don’t like to say to people what they should do. And if you don’t like that, you should not be a dental clinic owner. You know what I mean? Because I think many times that when you’re a dentist, you feel like I want to do it my way and that’s why I’m having my dental clinic. But it’s not just as easy as that. You have a whole ship that you have to drive.

Andy & Chris (26:37.792)

Andy & Chris (26:43.988)

Andy & Chris (26:49.668)

Andy & Chris (26:56.797)

Andy & Chris (27:02.737)
It goes.

Hmm. It just goes to show, doesn’t it, that what looks from the outside, as you were saying, you have a perfect life. Lovely husband, business, three children, everything’s great, but actually inwardly, you’re falling apart. And I think it’s a great lesson for anyone listening that actually it is okay to reach out rather than just like.

Dr. Christina Radics (27:28.722)

Andy & Chris (27:31.552)
keep up for keeping up for appearances. Very British thing, isn’t it? But also Christina, you were saying about, you know, not having the self-awareness, but it all came through, didn’t it? Because then you then had the self-awareness to recognise that perhaps only your dental practice wasn’t for you, and that was having a negative impact on you and your life and the people around you. So you made what many would have said was a brave decision to sell your dental practice.

Dr. Christina Radics (27:57.65)
Yeah, yeah. I… And it’s like ripple in the waters. Do you say that? Ripple in the waters? Yeah. When you start to get self-aware, when you start to see the truth, it just… You cannot fool yourself anymore. So you realize more and more things. Okay, do I want to do this or do I want something else?

Andy & Chris (28:06.629)
Mmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (28:24.478)
I wanted to become a psychologist before I became a dentist. Do I even want to work full time? You know, your whole life changes is when you start to get self aware, really true to yourself, you get, it’s an inner happiness that no money can, can give you. It’s like, I’m so happy now when I have learned, but it has been a whole, and I will give some advice.

Andy & Chris (28:46.063)

Andy & Chris (28:50.74)

Dr. Christina Radics (28:53.974)
What helped me as well?

Andy & Chris (28:55.996)
Yeah. And did these liberating thoughts come when you were over in Greece? Was it the separation from the world that you felt kind of tied to by going to Greece? Did that give you the headspace to kind of work out what you wanted? So when you then went back to Spain, everything felt better.

Dr. Christina Radics (28:58.004)

Dr. Christina Radics (29:10.604)

Dr. Christina Radics (29:15.314)
Exactly. So when you have a burnout, if somebody is listening that have recognized the symptoms, the important thing is to zoom out, to step back and relax because then everything will start to fall in place. You cannot see things while you’re stressed and while you’re in it. So what happened was I went to Greece, I was journaling, I was walking in nature and I was reading and that is

Andy & Chris (29:35.954)

Dr. Christina Radics (29:44.978)
a book from a psychiatrist, Tim Canterford. It’s called Depressive Illness, The Curse of the Strong. Because we have this perception that depression and mental illnesses is about being weak. But the only people who get burned out and depressed are the ones who don’t stop when something gets tough. They feel that they are valued through what people think.

Andy & Chris (30:00.352)

Andy & Chris (30:10.644)

Dr. Christina Radics (30:14.89)
about them. They have very high work moral. So even if they are tired, they continue. That’s when this detachment happens. The people who have boundaries and say, no, I’m not going to work later than five o’clock because five o’clock I’m going home to be with my family. For example, a thing like that. People who have these…

Andy & Chris (30:16.969)

Andy & Chris (30:27.912)

Dr. Christina Radics (30:39.778)
Boundaries and no I am NOT going to do that, but I don’t like because I don’t like it. I like this instead Those are not the people who will get so easily get burnt out or depression because they know what they want and what they don’t want and

Andy & Chris (30:55.476)
So they’ve set their own boundaries.

Dr. Christina Radics (30:58.362)
Exactly. And some people have it.

Andy & Chris (31:00.456)
So in terms of tips for people, I was going to say Christine, so in terms of people who may be susceptible or feel that they’re kind of heading towards a burnout scenario, do you think that setting boundaries is so, it’s critical, it’s really important?

Dr. Christina Radics (31:18.226)
It is critical, but the thing is that for a person like me and somebody who feels like, wow, I’m the same, I recognize myself in Christina, it’s not so easy to set these boundaries. If it was easy, we would do it, but we can’t see those boundaries. And one thing that happened to me was that I got a coach and a therapist.

Andy & Chris (31:32.576)
Hmm. Hmph.

Dr. Christina Radics (31:46.13)
So I realize now why these things happen. It has to do a lot with your childhood. Every parent tries to do their best. So it’s not by criticizing your parents. But if you were not really allowed to set boundaries, I don’t want that. If you had to adapt, you will probably adapt as an adult. And it helped me a lot to realize that. Yeah, it helped me a lot.

Andy & Chris (32:04.864)

Andy & Chris (32:11.154)
Hmm, interesting.

Dr. Christina Radics (32:15.63)
to realize that, okay, the old Christina was like that or the Christina at the clinic was like that because she didn’t know better, but I know better today. I said boundaries today, but because you can change, but I had this old pattern of just adapting because that was what I was used to.

Andy & Chris (32:36.724)

Andy & Chris (32:40.552)
Is, because of the boundaries, because of the boundaries thing, is, I mean, life is happier in one sense in that you now won’t allow yourself or hopefully not create another scenario where which leads to burnout. But do you think it’s a happier life being able to set boundaries compared to the life you had before where you just did everything for everybody whenever they wanted it?

Dr. Christina Radics (33:04.418)
much happier. It’s a life changer. It’s life changing. And I’m not saying I will always be this emotional Christina. I want to see people happy. That’s a big force for me to see people happy. But I have learned how to listen to myself, how to find these small feelings and decide if it’s good for me or not.

I saw this Ted talk a few days ago, like one advice of being a resilient person. And being a resilient person is also like being a happy person, being a person with boundaries, is to think, will this thing help me or will it not? By asking yourself that question, like, for example, when you ask, do you want to be on the podcast? Is this something that will…

Andy & Chris (33:53.024)

Dr. Christina Radics (34:00.694)
that I feel is good or if it would be giving me a feeling of not doing this, then I wouldn’t do it. So, but the thing is that, but sometimes it’s so difficult for persons who are easily adapting to everyone to know when to say no or yes. And that is…

Andy & Chris (34:10.903)
I feel like I’m going to die.

Andy & Chris (34:23.796)
Did you, with your children, do you, or did you set boundaries with them?

Dr. Christina Radics (34:32.982)
Very good question because I was the same with them. So I was this lame person with everyone. Like my husband says, the only one you can set boundaries with is with me.

Andy & Chris (34:47.775)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Dr. Christina Radics (34:51.915)
And my coach said, yeah, that’s because you feel so secure with your husband. So you can, like I said, we have known each other since we were in the first class, since we were six and seven. So, so it’s true. So I was the same with my children. I couldn’t set boundaries with them. So it was my personality.

Andy & Chris (35:03.963)

Andy & Chris (35:11.999)

Yeah. Yeah, it kind of makes sense. Yeah, I was just intrigued as whether you had that thing where you didn’t do boundaries yourself, but you had them for your children. But therefore then you didn’t recognise the boundaries in yourself, but obviously the answer is you didn’t. Yeah, yeah. Christine, I have a notion that there’s a thing called owner fatigue, and it’s that dental practice owners, after about nine or 10 years, they can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

Dr. Christina Radics (35:18.35)
I don’t know.

Dr. Christina Radics (35:22.046)

Dr. Christina Radics (35:32.429)

Andy & Chris (35:44.808)
but it’s just owner fatigue. Those get fed up and worn down by all of the things that go with owning a money of practice. Having been through your own experience, is there insights that you could have and pass on to practice owners as to when they should start thinking about setting a dental practice?

Dr. Christina Radics (36:07.846)
Yeah, I read an article that when you start to have a burnout, your revenue can reduce 60%. And that will just give more, how do you say, fuels and stress to what you’re already experiencing. So

Andy & Chris (36:19.171)

Andy & Chris (36:26.17)

Andy & Chris (36:33.329)

Dr. Christina Radics (36:34.93)
And the difficult thing is that you don’t realize when you start to get the burnout. Maybe your partner realizes it. I was speaking to a dentist who said that his wife said to him sell the clinic. You’re having a burnout, but he didn’t realize it until one year after she said it. So, but, but so if somebody is going through a burnout and or

Andy & Chris (36:44.294)

Andy & Chris (36:55.305)

Dr. Christina Radics (37:03.65)
going through a hard time owning a clinic. I would really say to get a coach, get a mentor, because that will be a person who’s there seeing things from another angle, being there supporting you, seeing things that you’re not seeing, because that is something, I don’t know if it’s only dentists, because we see ourselves as these…

Andy & Chris (37:12.266)

Andy & Chris (37:17.49)

Andy & Chris (37:22.175)

Dr. Christina Radics (37:28.61)
superpower, we know the best, we can do everything. I don’t know where that comes from. But when you’re having a coach, that coach will always take you one step further and see things that you don’t see. For example, why do you do that task? Why don’t you delegate that task? Why don’t you cut that and you invest in that will give you more money or more time? So if I would have

Andy & Chris (37:44.725)


Dr. Christina Radics (37:57.642)
a mentor or a coach from the start, maybe it wouldn’t happen. So having a coach, but first of all, before having a dental clinic, go on a course, get educated on how to handle a clinic. Because that is also, I thought I’m a good dentist, I’m a good dentist, I’m a hard worker, but it’s not enough.

Andy & Chris (38:04.649)

Andy & Chris (38:17.557)
Mmm. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (38:22.452)
Ha ha ha.

Dr. Christina Radics (38:25.342)
It’s not enough, but I think I was very naive and maybe other people are not so naive, but I really thought that was enough. I’m a hard worker, but it’s not about that. It’s about being. Yeah, so you have to know it’s a business. In the end, it’s a business. That is another thing. Some people have a business mind, but for me, I didn’t become a dentist.

Andy & Chris (38:25.564)
Nah, it’s not enough.

Andy & Chris (38:35.254)
Yeah, yeah, now we’re big advocates of that as well.

Dr. Christina Radics (38:52.214)
because of the money. For me, it was making an impact, working with people. I always knew that I wanted to be and work with people. So that was my force. But and also the dental school, it doesn’t prepare us thinking in a business with a business mind. So we would get the clinic and we don’t have an education.

Andy & Chris (38:56.43)

Andy & Chris (39:09.52)
Yeah. Not at all. That’s very clinical. Not even in Stockholm as well, which is where it was when… Yeah. And so as a result of you selling your practice, you now support dentists in this way, the things you’ve just been talking about in terms of coaching people and supporting people. But I think what gives you a unique insight is, one, you’re a dentist and you’re supporting dentists, but you’ve been through this process yourself.

Dr. Christina Radics (39:18.326)

Dr. Christina Radics (39:27.511)

Andy & Chris (39:36.844)
You know what it looks like, you know what it feels like. It’s not sympathy, it’s empathy.

Dr. Christina Radics (39:38.463)

Dr. Christina Radics (39:43.43)
Yeah, exactly. I’ve been through it all and I went to the coaching course to get certificated and that helped me a lot because coaching is about asking the right question because we believe that every person has the answer, their own answer inside them because we are all so different.

Andy & Chris (40:05.535)

Andy & Chris (40:09.65)

Dr. Christina Radics (40:12.478)
So that is the powerful thing with coaching, that you will find your best answers.

Andy & Chris (40:20.38)
I think part of the problem with coaching, it’s a bit like when we spoke to Sharon about hypnosis in dentistry, is coach has a bit of a bad rep because people assume it’s going to be someone going, who are you? You could do this. Do you know what I mean? It’s almost like the American Tony Robbins sort of thing. I don’t want to do that. But it’s not that.

Dr. Christina Radics (40:38.239)
Yeah. No. No, it’s not that. And but well, it is that as well, because we have so much, you know, everything is a mindset. Everything is about you can come so much further if you actually believe and see yourself being there.

Andy & Chris (40:44.296)

Andy & Chris (40:55.144)

Andy & Chris (41:05.455)

Dr. Christina Radics (41:06.242)
But the thing is also with the as a dental clinic owner, you’re just solving all these problems. So you’re not actually looking ahead. You’re because you’re a problem solver. And that’s why you also have these decision fatigues because it’s like you’re walking there, you know, when the I don’t know, when the mud is just going under you and just like, stopping, how do you say in Sweden, we say you’re just, how do you say?

Andy & Chris (41:16.253)

Andy & Chris (41:20.594)

Andy & Chris (41:25.843)

Dr. Christina Radics (41:36.146)
Like quick, yeah exactly, yeah no and that’s the thing because you don’t have time, you don’t have the energy to go forward but if you delegate, if you can handle the clinic in a more efficient way and delegate the things that takes time from you that you don’t like to do, do more of the things that you do like, have a coach then yeah you can go forward.

Andy & Chris (41:36.241)
It’s like quick, it’s like, it’s like quick sand. Yeah, quick sand where you can’t, you can’t. You’re not going anywhere. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (41:47.7)
Mm. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (41:56.596)

Andy & Chris (42:04.612)
Yeah. And DJ. I was going to say, and one of the things that you enjoy is being a DJ, isn’t it? And whilst I’m sure it’s great fun for somebody who’s not particularly musical, I mean, or people that can create things like that. And you probably don’t do wick-a-wick at all. No. But I imagine that creatively, it must be nice to have that as another dimension to your life as well. Something that’s very different.

Dr. Christina Radics (42:27.738)
Yeah, yeah, it’s, I have always had this creative side and I think many dentists have it. But I don’t know why, like music, music felt like it was almost like a sin. Like, I cannot do music if I’m doing dentistry. I don’t know, it was like a limited belief in me. But I think the older you get…

Andy & Chris (42:37.671)
Yeah, definitely.

Andy & Chris (42:49.64)
Ha ha

Dr. Christina Radics (42:54.518)
the more you don’t care about what people think. So I, yeah, yeah. And you’re like, I will not live forever. If I want to try that, I will try it. So I just tried it and I loved it. My first DJ set looks like a different places, like night clubs or beach clubs. And it’s something I see, yeah.

Andy & Chris (42:57.839)
No, I think you’re right.

Andy & Chris (43:10.568)
Where do you DJ?

Andy & Chris (43:15.945)

Andy & Chris (43:19.52)
How cool is that? That is really quite cool.

Dr. Christina Radics (43:24.302)
And I just recorded a set that I just put on YouTube just for the fun of it. So I’m really enjoying it. I’m really in my flow. And, and that is a very important thing as well for well-being is to try to be in your state of flow as much as possible. And that is also something that leads to burnout. When you’re not in the state of flow, you’re just in the state of solving problems.

Andy & Chris (43:32.094)

Andy & Chris (43:40.82)

Andy & Chris (43:54.405)
Yes, yes. And you’re also working on an event with the Bihar, aren’t you, in terms of you’ve got a dental retreat coming up next year as well.

Dr. Christina Radics (44:03.214)
Yeah, yeah, that will be fantastic. So yeah, working on that too.

Andy & Chris (44:08.18)
So tell us about that, who’s that for?

Dr. Christina Radics (44:12.726)
That is for professionals or persons who just want to… It could be that they are through a burnout or have been through a difficult situation, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s just when you need a change, when you need to get connected with yourself, with nature. And yeah, for people who just need this change in their life, that something is missing.

Andy & Chris (44:40.128)
Hmm. Interesting. Yeah. Well, I think back to your situation, you know, you took time away from Spain and went to Greece and it was, for you, it was transformational. So I guess if people then go to a retreat, which would be for a few days, but it puts them into a different space, it might just give them that opportunity to see things slightly differently and, you know. Different lens. Yeah, change something in their life.

Dr. Christina Radics (44:41.782)
and you feel the touch from yourself.

Dr. Christina Radics (44:50.594)


Andy & Chris (45:04.784)
And you’ve got a lot going on because you’ve got a book coming out soon as well, haven’t you? What’s your book about?

Dr. Christina Radics (45:05.148)
Exactly, yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (45:11.25)
Yeah, my book is about my story where I’m writing, I am telling all these that has happened to me and what helped me come out of it and yeah, so it’s like a little bit like a biography but also about how to get through a burnout and become a better person.

Andy & Chris (45:21.126)

Andy & Chris (45:26.516)
Hmm, interesting.

Dr. Christina Radics (45:39.826)
Yeah, like not a better person, more finding your true self. Because the thing is that you’re losing yourself. You’re now I find that I have found myself again.

Andy & Chris (45:43.71)
Right, yeah.

Andy & Chris (45:48.337)

Andy & Chris (45:52.192)
Mm-hmm. That’s great. I was gonna say that’s lovely to hear as well because it must feel very uncomfortable You don’t feel comfortable as you’re and also you’re in the book. You’re gonna have to make yourself vulnerable Aren’t you? Yeah, very she can’t just tell all the great bits. You’ve got to tell the crap bits

Dr. Christina Radics (45:54.431)

Dr. Christina Radics (46:05.211)
yeah, yeah.

Exactly, exactly. And I don’t mind. It was difficult in the beginning. But once I started to tell this over and over again, now it feels like I have known limits and it feels such a freedom because I know that I’m helping people as well. And I couldn’t, I couldn’t say these things if I was still a dental clinic owner maybe.

Andy & Chris (46:15.06)
Hmm. Eh.

Andy & Chris (46:25.768)


Andy & Chris (46:35.841)

Dr. Christina Radics (46:36.438)
Because we are so afraid that somebody will know it. That is the thing. And that’s why the title of the book is, but please don’t tell anyone. Because that is what the dentist says to another dentist when he or she tells about a difficult time, I had a burnout, I had these symptoms, but please don’t tell anyone. Because you don’t want patients to know it.

Andy & Chris (46:40.795)

Andy & Chris (46:49.369)
Mm-hmm. Mm.


Andy & Chris (46:57.489)

Andy & Chris (47:02.26)
great title. Amazon, can I get an Amazon? Yeah, yeah, I think what’s great Christine is you know you you’ve had a hard time but how uplifting to use your experience you know through your coaching your book well yeah whatever it might be to help other people perhaps spot the signs a bit earlier than you did so they don’t have to go

Dr. Christina Radics (47:07.17)
Ha ha ha!

Dr. Christina Radics (47:14.785)

Andy & Chris (47:21.68)
through all that you’ve gone through and they can readjust their life and manage it in a different way. Yeah definitely. It’s brilliant, it’s brilliant. It’s a great story Christine, it really is, it really is. We always wrap up, we… Go on, go on, go on.

Dr. Christina Radics (47:29.197)

Yeah, and I will tell you one more. I will just tell you one story quickly. Sorry. When I came to Greece and I went on this daily walks by the beach one afternoon, there were this beautiful cloud in the sky. And I was just like, wow, this. This sunset is amazing. And I feel that I took some photos.

Andy & Chris (47:38.545)
No, don’t call!

Dr. Christina Radics (48:01.214)
And I walked a few steps and suddenly I saw this big starfish in the sand. Nothing else, just this starfish that had died. It was dead. And I, in that moment, I took it and I just felt a strong sensation that something good will come out of what I have been through. I went home to my mother’s side, googled,

what it stands for, it stands for renewal. Because you know, a starfish can lose an arm and a new one grows out. And I looked at my mother and I said to her, I know that something good will come out of this. And that is what I feel now. Every day dentists are reaching out to me like, thank you so much. You’re using the voice we can’t use.

Andy & Chris (48:36.321)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (48:58.966)
Because when you’re in it, when you’re in a clinic, you have your dental clinic, you have responsibility of patients towards a boss, you cannot speak openly about it. And that makes it just bigger. You feel alone, you feel weird because you don’t know if anyone else feels like this. And that is so dangerous. It’s dangerous to feel alone in those situations. So that’s why I really…

Andy & Chris (49:00.032)

Andy & Chris (49:07.634)

Andy & Chris (49:11.274)

Andy & Chris (49:18.567)
Yeah, yeah.

Andy & Chris (49:22.897)

Andy & Chris (49:26.183)

Dr. Christina Radics (49:27.21)
That’s why I’m always writing in my post. You can reach out to me. I want to give that safe space for the rest of my life. I know this happens to every profession. It’s not about dentists. But I’m reaching out very specially to dentists.

Andy & Chris (49:31.21)

Andy & Chris (49:37.428)

Andy & Chris (49:51.892)

Dr. Christina Radics (49:55.33)
they don’t feel like victims. Look at me, I was.

Andy & Chris (49:58.496)
I think in the UK, Christine, I think dentistry is hit hard. I think in the UK, I don’t know if this is a global stat, but in the UK, the suicide rate within dentistry is one of the highest professions. And I think general mental and wellbeing. And I think this all kind of goes into the melting pot. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if those kind of low level feelings of burnout build and manifest themselves in different ways. So if people can recognise the signs earlier.

and take some action or talk to somebody or not feel so isolated, that’s a great thing. And if as a result of us chatting today, just one person kind of talks to a mate or picks up the phone or sends a message, we’ve done a great thing.

Dr. Christina Radics (50:27.999)

Dr. Christina Radics (50:36.206)


Exactly, exactly. That’s what’s keeping me going with this. And yeah, I know I’m helping a lot of people just speaking about this. And the thing is that what makes dentistry so special also is that we have to perform the whole time. And we cannot say, I would just grab a coffee, I would just go for a walk. We are there at the chair.

Andy & Chris (50:49.093)

Andy & Chris (50:55.666)

Andy & Chris (51:02.599)

Andy & Chris (51:07.164)
No, it’s right, you can’t. Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (51:09.374)
We have to perform all the time and we have to be entrepreneur, psychologist, business person, dentist at the same time. And very few professions have that. And that makes our profession so vulnerable. But we have to find globally ways and strategies how to help dentists to make it better for dentists. Maybe maybe we should only work six hours a day, you know?

Andy & Chris (51:19.629)

Andy & Chris (51:24.938)

Andy & Chris (51:33.002)

Andy & Chris (51:37.831)

Dr. Christina Radics (51:38.422)
think in a new way.

Andy & Chris (51:40.9)
Yeah, yeah. Christine, it’s been wonderful. Thank you for your time. It’s absolutely fabulous. We always finish up in the same way. So we’ve got two questions for you before we’re gonna leave you to go and enjoy your rest of your day. So the first question is, if you could be a fly on a wall somewhere, when would that be and who’d be there?

Dr. Christina Radics (51:48.834)
Thank you.

Dr. Christina Radics (52:03.322)
Yeah, so that this is like a continuing answer of the what I spoke about for a few seconds about think in a new way. I would be a fly in a room where James Cameron, the director, movie who made Titanic and Avatar because

Andy & Chris (52:24.016)
Yes. Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (52:28.786)
I would like to see how these people can think out of the box and get all these inspiration. Because if we could get that, we could find solutions that we are not seeing now. Example for the dental professions, for dentists and for other people in the world. Because he’s really seeing things and doing things that are incredible. So that is a person.

Andy & Chris (52:33.172)

Andy & Chris (52:42.815)

Andy & Chris (52:47.996)

Andy & Chris (52:55.456)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’d be very cool. And it shows there isn’t just one way of doing something. That would be very cool. And if you could meet somebody, if you give the opportunity to sit down and meet somebody, who would you like to meet?

Dr. Christina Radics (53:04.456)

Dr. Christina Radics (53:10.854)
Yeah, I will be boring and I will say the same person because I would ask him all these questions Where does he get the inspiration from? How how? Does he find all these people to create these incredible things? Like I admire people who can think out of the box And just not be in the same lane as everybody else So, uh, those are the people

Andy & Chris (53:26.858)

Andy & Chris (53:36.836)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Dr. Christina Radics (53:41.386)
I would like to meet and get inspiration from.

Andy & Chris (53:42.388)
Mm. Yeah. And as a result of that, you stand out. You know, those super creative people are the people we’re drawn to.

Dr. Christina Radics (53:52.854)
I try to, but it’s a little bit my personality having this Greek mother and this father, Hungarian father. I guess I’m all and nothing.

Andy & Chris (53:54.528)

Andy & Chris (53:59.86)
Ha ha ha!

Andy & Chris (54:06.264)
Absolutely. Christina, thank you for your time today. It’s been wonderful. It’s been really, really enjoyable catching up again. And you have a great story and I don’t doubt it’s going to help lots of dentists. I think your honesty of what you’ve been through will probably perhaps prick the conscience of some dentists and they might just think about how they are doing. Yeah, about how they’re doing. And genuinely, I’d encourage people to reach out, speak to a friend, speak to a partner, family member, whoever it might be, us, whoever it is you need to speak to. But

Dr. Christina Radics (54:11.682)
Thank you. Wow.

Dr. Christina Radics (54:28.546)

Andy & Chris (54:36.092)
Like I say, the world can be a lonely place. Yeah, don’t not tell anyone. Exactly.

Dr. Christina Radics (54:36.482)

Dr. Christina Radics (54:40.626)
Yeah, but you’re never alone. You’re never alone and life is too short to not have fun.

Andy & Chris (54:47.44)
Absolutely. On that note, we’ll leave you to it, Christine. Thank you for your time today and hope to see you soon. Yeah, cheers, Christina. Cheers. Bye.

Dr. Christina Radics (54:55.46)
Thank you so much for inviting me. Thank you.


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