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Dentology Podcast with Murray Welch


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Transcript – Dentology Podcast with Murray Welch

Episode Release Date: Monday 17 June 2024

Andy & Chris (00:00.554)
This is it. It is. Looking forward to this one, as always. Always. Very interesting. Always am. And to our listeners, just a message to our listeners before we start. If you listen to this and you enjoy it, if you could share it with somebody, that’d be amazing because that helps our reach. And if you could subscribe as well, that’d be great because new episodes every Monday morning at 7am. We’ve been doing it now for 140 plus episodes and every morning, 7am, we will deliver you new content.

And if you subscribe, you will find out about it. And people recognise our voices, which is a bit weird, isn’t it? That’s another issue when people come up to say, well, you do a podcast. Anyway, let’s start this one. So, yeah, today we are very fortunate, yet another expert in the field, absolutely lovely chap. We’re joined by Murray Welch and Murray is a surgery design consultant at Anglian Dental. How are you, Murray?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (00:56.348)
Thanks Andy and Chris. Yeah, amazing. Yeah, really good.

Andy & Chris (00:58.57)
Welcome, welcome. Good, good, welcome, welcome. It’s nice. When we started this as a piece of work, we said we wanted to do three things. We wanted to hear people’s life stories, because people are always interesting. And most people go, no, no, I’ve got nothing to say, I’m not interested. People are always interesting. No one boring. No, if we can share some business tips, that’d be amazing. No pressure. But they naturally fall out of the conversation. And we always have fun.

So I don’t doubt we’re gonna put a tick in every single one of those boxes today. But what we’re building is a body of work so that either aspiring dentists, associates, practice owners, whoever in dentistry, even the trade, can come to Dentology and get answers to their burning questions. And I think the world that you sit in, in designing practices, helping build out practices, providing equipment.

There’s a lot of chat around people refurbing and squats. So I think it’s going to be a great conversation, but that’s just the work part. We’re going to start with you, Murray, as an individual. I think people are always interested in.

Kind of, you know, what makes the man… Because he’s young, isn’t he? Looking at those of you who aren’t watching it on YouTube, he is a young -looking chappy. I think young is all relative. In comparison to the older people like myself and myself, Andy. I think compared to both of us, he’s young. Definitely on the young side. Some of our students might be looking at Murray and going, we’re… They really are. I think he’s an old bloke, yeah. It’s all relative. It’s all relative. So if we go back to the beginning, thinking about your childhood, in what way did your…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (02:13.212)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (02:18.14)

I’m sorry.

Andy & Chris (02:32.266)
parents set you up to be the person you are today. What was your childhood like?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (02:38.3)
Yeah, it’s a good question. I’m fortunate to have two very good parents actually and yeah, I got very well looked after and I’m one of four so yeah, so quite a good number two. Number two, yeah, so I had the older, you know, the older bully brother, not made to shape. Yeah, it’s good. But it’s good for me because now I got two sisters younger but…

Andy & Chris (02:47.658)
well. Are you oldest, youngest or in the middle? Number two. Okay.

Nice excellent, have you got a brother bit? Have you got a younger brother?

so you were then protective brothers over sisters. just pass it through the generations. That’s the way it works. I like that. No sort of nothing about gender there. That’s good. Just to just push it down anyway. Great man.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (03:06.108)
Well, I could then take out my sisters now Pass it on. Yeah. Yeah

It’s good having someone two years older because he learned to ride a bike and I had to learn to ride a bike. He played football so I played football. So everything he did, I did kind of roughly at the same time and it’s good actually. Number two is I reckon I was good place to be.

Andy & Chris (03:25.138)
It’s funny, I’ve only got one brother and he’s two years older than me. And for me, there was kind of a tipping point that when we were kind of at eight and 10, nine and 11, but when we kind of got to 12 and 14, the 14 year old wasn’t keen on having his 12 year old brother hanging around. And there was this kind of gap that started to open that when he kind of got into those teenage years, you know, when we were kids and we were younger, it worked really well, but there was a definite kind of separation as he got older, he grew up kind of way quicker than…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (03:29.628)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (03:42.076)

Andy & Chris (03:54.794)
than his younger brother was. Yeah, mine’s four years older, so you can imagine 12 and 16. And he buggered off during the police. I never saw him after that. Yeah. Yeah. But let’s not go down Brothers Road. And you’re a North London family, is that right?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (03:58.172)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (04:03.356)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (04:09.02)
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, chase farm hospital was born in so proper lander. Yeah No, don’t don’t start this one, please. Yeah, I saw your coffee cafe earlier. So

Andy & Chris (04:12.618)
well, so are you a gooner or a spurs fan?

Andy & Chris (04:19.69)
Yeah, there we go. Must be a Spurs fan. I would have thought that. Yeah, I thought probably a Spurs fan. But it’s OK. You know, this is an open forum. We’re quite happy. No one is, I’m sorry, I think the signal’s gone. But it’s funny, in days of old, football was a very territorial thing, wasn’t it? You know, when you kind of go back to grandparents’ generations. And as a community thing, quite often football comes up in topics because…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (04:22.844)



Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (04:36.924)
It was, yeah.

Andy & Chris (04:45.034)
the link from business to sport and sport to business is really strong. But also from a social community point of view, I don’t necessarily know whether we have something in the modern era that kind of meets that kind of test in terms of what brings local people together. And historically, it would have been very much kind of a man’s game, wouldn’t it? The men would have gone to the football. But that kind of has been lost over the years in that way more people watch it on TV now. I don’t think people kind of…

commute to their ground almost like religion on a regular basis. And even the players, you know, the players used to be from around their locals. No, they’re not. It’s quite an interesting one really, but it’s still super. No, it’s so glad to, it’s gladiatorial, isn’t it? It’s like, you know, that, that, that chanting and shouting and it’s, it’s, it is one of the few things that gets people as riled up. Also in life people kind of.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (05:23.452)
Yeah, it is, it’s true. There’s nothing else like it, generally in social life. Football only spots them. Yeah. Yeah. It’s good.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (05:39.036)

Andy & Chris (05:40.906)
very quick to change things if they’re not working. You know, people change their job. Quite often people sell a business if it’s not working, they might try another business. People even change their partner, but it’s incredibly rare and you would have to go a long way to find somebody who would change their football team. But the thing is it’s important, isn’t it? Kind of why, why is that that so deep rooted and deep seated? It doesn’t matter how bad they are. They can be terrible, but you will still stand by them. But you wouldn’t do that with, with other elements of your life.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (05:55.804)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (06:02.552)
Yeah, so yeah.

Andy & Chris (06:10.826)
Unless you were some of Henry’s shallow friends in year 12 who every season used to change depending on who won the league. I think once you kind of go through puberty and time that rule is gone. You’re not allowed to do that anymore. So were you a football player when you were young or did you do any other sports?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (06:11.196)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (06:19.28)
I really have to go.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (06:30.844)
Yeah, well, I went to school in North London, so yeah, football flat out. Yeah, I don’t actually follow it all that much these days, but yeah, football. Cricket as well. We did quite a lot of cricket at school, which is quite unusual for a North London school. Yeah, I love sport. Still do a bit of it now.

Andy & Chris (06:43.786)

So there’s another element to your life I’d like to have a chat before we get into the dental bit. And you do charity work with an organisation called the Rapid Relief Team, which takes you in to support fire crews. And you were there supporting the fire crews on that fateful day at Grenfell. And I still see, obviously we all see, I mean, I live in London, you know, and if ever I go to West London, you still see Grenfell Tower there.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (07:11.44)

Andy & Chris (07:15.978)
Can you just tell us about the work you do with them and what that experience was like from your perspective?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (07:22.524)
Yeah, that was truly amazing. I mean, the Rapid Relief Team, it’s known as RRT, that’s what it stands for. And it’s been going quite a few years now, but it’s quite unique in that it supports emergency services. So a lot of the time, emergency services are going to these sometimes pretty horrific incidents. And, you know, they do an amazing job, these firefighters, the ambulance and police crews, but there’s not much support for them. So the work of RRT is being on site.

Andy & Chris (07:24.714)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (07:50.748)
quickly, you know, it’s a response, a rapid response, have to mobilize, you know, within hours. And it’s a hot meal. It’s a friendly smile. It’s care and just shelter for the people on the ground really. There’s nothing like, you know, spent four or five hours right in tents to come out and be given a nice hot meal which we cook on a barbecue. You know, hot drinks. Yeah, it’s, so.

Andy & Chris (08:07.082)

Andy & Chris (08:14.89)
Hmph. Well.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (08:19.58)
We would often go to these events and get a couple of barbecue vans. You can tow them anywhere and then you put up the side and start cooking burgers and sausages and knock out. It’s quite a good system. I mean, you’ve got fridges and loads of drinks ready and food and warehouses.

Andy & Chris (08:31.722)
Yeah. Well, how do they assess the scale? I was going to say, what’s the trigger to engage the R .I.? I guess if it’s just a… So one of my children, he’s a police officer in London. So he works in a specialist unit. So quite a lot of it involves driving to get to incidents quickly. But…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (08:37.116)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (08:44.252)
Yeah, I can’t –

Andy & Chris (08:53.77)
when he attends, quite often those incidents might wrap up quite quickly. So I’ll just see, in the trigger, obviously Grenfell was a relatively easy one because it was clearly a serious large scale incident. So that would fall into the category of needing RRT to help. But what’s kind of the measurement for when you would go out? Because what you’re gonna do is turn out, crack your barbecue van going, and suddenly one disappears. It’s like, we’ve got a load of chicken wings now. How do you kind of measure that?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (09:17.276)
Yeah. Yeah, it’s a good question, actually. And I don’t get involved in the kind of the leadership of it. But I do know they are quite closely in talks with people high up in the response, you know, police and fire, and that often make the call like, we’ve got a big incident here. And it’s typically ones like fires or where it’s gonna be on site for a long time. And you know, that’s it. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (09:37.482)
Yeah, so probably where there’s lots of crews. Okay, that’s my son one of my but my boyfriend my boyfriend My daughter’s boyfriend is a firefighter and he said sometimes it’s like, you know, they send so many crews to certain Events that then she goes on forever

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (09:51.012)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (09:53.866)
What’s intriguing to me is I’d never considered the thought of the hard and traumatic work they do and coming out to a smiling face, suddenly they can just have a chat too, hot cup of tea and some food. I’d never thought about how that would be important as a part of a support structure for an emergency service person, particularly going back to the Grenfell experience.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (10:12.028)

Andy & Chris (10:18.154)
I can’t imagine how horrendous that would have been as a day. It must have been truly terrible. So to come out and just see somebody, a nice, smiling face must have really lifted their spirits.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (10:31.228)
Yeah, and it is amazing, like, particularly at Grenfell, it’s probably the most memorable I’ve done, where you’re kind of let through the cordon and right up close, actually. We were very close because the firemen were coming out and, you know, just literally on site. And you got these hardened firemen, you know, some of the experienced guys. And there’s a particular unit within the fire brigade, I forget what they’re called now. They’re kind of the elite, sort of called out for these, sort of, the worst, really.

Andy & Chris (10:36.49)

Andy & Chris (10:57.674)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (10:57.916)
And these are experienced guys and seeing these guys coming out literally shattered physically but then mentally that someone literally walking around like zombies and saying they’ve never seen stuff they saw and sort of going to detail and wanted to talk to people. It’s actually just yeah it was completely unforgettable that day.

Andy & Chris (11:02.794)

Andy & Chris (11:06.634)

Andy & Chris (11:10.666)

Andy & Chris (11:14.538)
How did you get involved with it?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (11:16.988)
Just through a friend. One of my friends does a lot there. I don’t do an awful lot, don’t do as much as I should do, but there was such a need and that spanned about a whole week. So it was kind of just a ringing around like who can help. That was the first one I did. I’ve done a few smaller events since that. No, it’s just an incredible experience really. The emergency services go through so much. We take a grant a lot of times, don’t we? We expect to call a number and get someone out and we don’t think about the people behind that sort of service really.

Andy & Chris (11:40.138)
Hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And they are people.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (11:46.652)
And today they’ve got five reasons. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (11:47.722)
Like you say, they are people. And in that moment, it’s easy to forget that, yeah, they are people with families and parents and kids. Some of the stuff they see is like horrendous, isn’t it? The logistics there is amazing, isn’t it? I’m just thinking, you know, you’ve suddenly got, you get a call and as you say, you then hook up a barbecue, but then someone’s got to it. There must be either that food in store in a freezer or something and all that stuff to suddenly bring it all together as a, as a coordinated response. It’s quite a lot.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (11:54.492)
Yeah. Yeah.


Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (12:16.76)
Yeah. Yes, yeah.

Andy & Chris (12:17.226)
It’s amazing really. It’s interesting. I’m sort of sitting here thinking so you’re angley and dental

which is kind of there’s a heavy logistics element to what you do. And I’m thinking you’ve got our RRT and it’s a heavy logistics. I can see where to kind of be a crossover and a fit there. Interesting work, interesting work. And from a profile point of view, I wasn’t really aware of our RRT until kind of we were talking before and I had a look into it. And it’s one of those things that I don’t think it has much problems. I had no idea. I had no idea. And I’d not even notwithstanding family members being being in kind of the

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (12:25.82)


Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (12:32.892)
Yeah, that’s it reactive. Yeah

Andy & Chris (12:52.588)
The emergency service I never really thought they’d never mentioned it. They’d never mentioned it to me. Have you know? It never really occurred to me that that would be a really valuable valuable service and it’s funny you have went now you mentioned it you do see it sometimes on the TV don’t you when they’re doing that sort of like the pan around you can see these guys with a with a gazebo give it Yeah, I’d never really thought about it. I just thought they were part of the fire service. It’s amazing So switch into the the dental bit you

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (12:57.916)
Very interesting.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (13:11.324)
Big Red 10. Yeah. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (13:21.13)
joined the family business back in 2012 as an apprentice around the kitchen table you were 14 years old so what was going on around the kitchen table when you were 14?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (13:33.724)
Without giving my A -Joy, I think I was actually 18 when I joined. I just had the big birthday last week actually. Yeah, all good. Yeah, a family business is an interesting one, isn’t it? A lot of dentists are family businesses, aren’t they? I mean, it’s interesting working with a lot of our clients, they have the same challenges and the strong points, there’s also challenges in the family business.

Andy & Chris (13:36.362)
We can edit that out. Yeah, that’s fine. We’ll make you older.

Andy & Chris (13:48.234)

Andy & Chris (13:52.426)


Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (14:04.188)
But yeah, I guess it was a bit of a default for me as around I started it and then my dad and my

Andy & Chris (14:06.89)
Hmm. Yeah. It’s quite interesting. You, I wonder if you sort of, do you have that generational thing? So, you know, I presume your grandfather, then your father, then you or something. So is that a sort of thing that you’ll go to a dentist who, who worked with your dad? Probably not your granddad. Maybe, maybe, but probably not. And it’s sort of like generational. It’s a fascinating thing, isn’t it?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (14:24.572)
Yeah. No, I still got, yeah.

Yeah, no, there’s not many, but there’s a few that still remember. Grandad, he probably hasn’t been, he passed away last year, but he hasn’t been in the business for probably 20 years, 15 years, something like that. But there’s still about people who remember him. Yeah, some of our old long standing, particularly around the sort of, yeah, Winchmore Hill area where, you know, grandpa was quite strong in that area. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (14:41.962)
There’s still be some people, yeah. Right.

Andy & Chris (14:48.298)

Well, yeah, it’s interesting what you say about the family thing. I remember When bill gates started microsoft, he basically employed all these all these friends and his view around that was you know, they’re people I trust. Yeah, they’re people I trust they will not let me down and there’s no Guarantee that it’s going to be successful But one thing that I i’m never going to have to doubt is is the trust that I have with them and I think with family I think that comes as well because sure the people that work in the team

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (14:59.26)
It didn’t. Okay.

Andy & Chris (15:19.82)
are committed, you know, we hire as well as we can, but they are people that work in the business. It’s not the same as family. And that seems to kind of be quite strong in what you’ve just said as well.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (15:32.572)
Yeah, absolutely. There’s a book, isn’t there? The Speed of Trust. Can’t remember if it was Patrick Lenchini or someone, but that’s so true, isn’t it? Where there’s high levels of trust, stuff just gets done a lot quicker, doesn’t it? It achieves an awful lot.

Andy & Chris (15:36.202)
Yes. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (15:43.21)
Yeah, absolutely. And there are other family members in the business along with yourself.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (15:48.764)
Yes, it’s family owned, family run, but I wouldn’t say it’s family run in that sense. We’ve had to, I guess as the business has grown, as the businesses have to grow up as well. We don’t think of it as a family business. Some of us operate in a leadership position, some of us don’t. There’s four family members in it, my dad, my uncle, my brother, myself. I’d say it’s run as a bit more of a business these days, because it has to be, because we’ve got to do the right thing for the business at the end of the day rather than…

Andy & Chris (15:51.626)

Andy & Chris (16:15.178)
Hmm. Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (16:18.108)
Family lines but…

Andy & Chris (16:18.41)
But I don’t think those two things have to work independently. I still think you can do the right thing for the business. You can protect shareholder value and you can make good strategic decisions and there can be family members in the business. I think quite often, I think when we talk about a family business, it kind of sounds like it’s a bit of a lifestyle thing. It’s kind of a quasi hobby and it’s just serving the needs of the family. I think you can have family members working in the business, yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (16:25.436)
Mm. Yep.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (16:40.796)

Andy & Chris (16:48.364)
also strategically look to build that business and build shareholder value and have a vision for the future. And third generation are always the tricky one. Yes. No pressure again.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (16:57.724)
Yeah, yeah, no, silly. Yeah, no, it’s certainly true. There’s a lot of statistics about that actually, like, yeah.

Andy & Chris (17:05.226)
There are, there’s a huge number of statistics that says first make it, second hold it, and third sometimes blow it. Because something to do with, I remember my wife used to work for a, I won’t say which company, but they were really good at digging holes. And the guys came over from Ireland and basically specialized in digging holes. And they built this massive business digging holes. And then the second guys made the business even bigger digging holes.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (17:12.444)

Andy & Chris (17:34.89)
but the third guy’s, well, so keen on it. It was amazing that they just sort of, they lost the focus. It’s great that you are in the business and got the focus. It’s good. Yeah. So.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (17:38.268)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (17:47.132)
Yeah, nice

Andy & Chris (17:48.362)
In the time that you’ve been involved in the business yourself, how’s kind of dent and engineering changed? Because I imagine whilst it’s not been that long, because you’re still clearly a very young man. There we go. Well done. That was a nice plug. It’s amazing though. Before you just say that, I was going to say that it is interesting when you think that you are a young man, but you’ve been in the business for quite a long time already. Yeah. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (18:14.012)

Andy & Chris (18:14.538)
And that was my thinking. My thinking is that you’ve got a decent number of years in, but you’ve probably span that interesting era from things being kind of quite manual, traditional engineering, moving into the digital phase. So what’s your take on how things have changed through your time in dentistry?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (18:37.052)
Yeah, it is very interesting. The rate of change in the last five years has really been quite, probably more than five years, probably like seven or eight years. Yeah, really quite different. I think probably the biggest thing has been just the mindset change in that, if we talk about dental engineering, dental engineering used to be a problem. So in our industry, all the big players, our competitors, the service game was a pain. Everyone wanted to sell the equipment, but they didn’t want to service it. And the call outs, you know, needing an engineer today.

Andy & Chris (18:42.474)

Andy & Chris (19:03.914)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (19:06.908)
you know, anywhere in the country, the logistics of it is just so hard. And that led to quite a lot of poor service, whereas that’s really changed in the last five years really, in that the industry’s waking up and you know, service level agreements have come in, things are professionalised, it’s much more of a business, equipment is now serviced annually, a lot of the time in the old days, you know, you’d only fix it when it went wrong. So it’s definitely, and I guess the requirements of bodies like CQC, the more compliance.

Andy & Chris (19:13.066)

Andy & Chris (19:28.17)
Alright, okay.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (19:34.652)
has driven dentists to spend more on their maintenance and repairs. Which meant we’ve had to professionalise and increase our services. Corporatisation has changed a lot as well. What I mean by that is that…

Andy & Chris (19:42.086)
I wonder if it’s also a bit value -driven in the fact of This is gonna sound terrible for people in the NHS But you know if you were just doing NHS with relative low value treatments Then you could sort of say well if the chair doesn’t work for a day then it’s you know what I mean But I wonder if it’s because now guys are you know that the revenues that they’re generating from the chairs and their equipment are significant So therefore the loss of that asset

to use is become more significant in their minds. So they say, no, I need you to sort it out. I need this done. Yeah, it’s fascinating really.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (20:20.444)
Yeah, absolutely. And I think the expectations of, you know, there’s the Amazon sort of standard isn’t there. Like, the expectations are high. They expect to make a phone call, get something sorted straight away. And if you’ve got, you know, wait through and full of patience and you’ve got, you know, four grand session booked in an hour’s time, you know, it does get challenging. So we have lots of…

Andy & Chris (20:25.578)


Andy & Chris (20:38.474)
I say for you guys that must be really quite hard because you’ve obviously got a finite number of engineers and then you’ve sort of you can’t have too few because then you can’t deliver but also from a cost point of view you can’t have them all sitting around drinking tea or something it must be really hard to try and get that sweet spot.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (20:48.604)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (20:56.092)
It is, yeah. It is constant. Every day it’s a logistical challenge. I started out as an engineer doing it myself and then I moved into the office managing the department and doing it myself still. So it’s a baby I hold quite close to my heart, our service department. Still getting involved. I love it.

Andy & Chris (21:00.17)

Andy & Chris (21:11.078)
Yeah. You probably got a good idea then of how sometimes long, how long things take. Do you know what I mean? Which is probably quite good. Isn’t it? The fact that you can think, well, okay, that’s going to be a timeframe. So therefore I know how that’s going to work. So maybe your logistical hat is a better logistical hat than someone else. Yeah. And you’ve as a business, but also I think you as well, you’ve, you’ve kind of branched out beyond just core engineering as well, because you also now do.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (21:17.948)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (21:23.868)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Andy & Chris (21:39.722)
designer practices and the builder practices as well, don’t you?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (21:44.988)
Yes, yeah, mostly came from my brother, Lloyd. He was mostly involved in the business from a building point of view, really, I guess. We’d call him a builder. We’d turn up to site to install these chairs and several times we would turn up and it’s been booked, arranged and the practice is opening the next week or something. And he’d turn up and the play’s an absolute tip. And you’re very much still building site and the services weren’t ready and the pipes and the floor were the wrong place. That led to…

quite a few challenges because we were then ending up having to come back another day and we’d already arranged other work for that day and all the staff wasn’t right so then who’s to blame? It just got very messy. After a few years in the business, probably in the sort of, I don’t know, exactly when it was, but closer to 2015, 2014, something around there, we started doing a bit more building work ourselves and moving services and installing.

Andy & Chris (22:20.266)

Andy & Chris (22:35.178)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (22:38.044)
plumbing works and electrics and it’s not hard really just got to know what to do and get it done in the right time and very quickly that spiraled and we realized actually that there’s more need in doing the fit out works. So we started off just doing single surgery revurbishments and flooring works.

Andy & Chris (22:38.282)


Andy & Chris (22:52.49)
Isn’t it a classic sort of business thing that quite often they say isn’t it that sometimes the simplest things are the things that help the growth you know you’ve had this business for how long I don’t know when Anglian started but the needs of the client changed but someone also spotted that the needs of the clients because because she could have just sat there and got yeah this is a real pain isn’t it you know as opposed to sort of saying wait a minute.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (23:00.892)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (23:15.196)
Yeah, yeah exactly. Yeah

Andy & Chris (23:18.25)
How do we resolve that? I think it’s a fascinating one. That evolution of a business. You start with fixing a problem, which is the pipes are in the wrong place, the sockets aren’t in the right place, the work’s not done.

So it’s impacting our core business. So almost as a protection strategy for our core business, if we take care of the building side of things, the pipes will be in the right place. There will be the sockets where we need them. Things will be finished on time, which then means our engineering business can fit the equipment easily. But out of that comes another strand to your business. Definitely. Yeah, it’s brilliant.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (23:54.812)
They say that often the best opportunities come out of problems, challenges, and it’s an example of that really. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (23:58.442)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, yes. And talking about challenges and challenging projects, I see that you did the 11 dental.

project, Samir and Shivani’s practice. We know Samir very well. We’ve done various projects with him. It’s an amazing looking place. I’ve not visited, but I’ve seen pictures and Samir’s kind of showing me around on kind of tours, like video tours. So talk us through that because for anybody that kind of knows the practice will understand. But if not, it’s worth visiting their website. There’s lots of pictures of the site on there. But kind of talk us through that as a project because there must have been some challenges with that.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (24:07.772)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (24:13.532)
Yeah, good.

Andy & Chris (24:36.684)
building and they had very clear ideas of their brand values and what that vision is, that kind of Barley -esque look. So how did you approach that project? It’s that phrase they called sympathetically done.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (24:49.808)
Yeah, and it’s interesting you say because their vision was so clear and that is actually one of the most helpful things from when you’re doing a project, particularly a large project like that, if a client knows what they want and is clear on it, you know, it just helps the whole project go well because of the fact that it’s, you know, it just helps with design really and, you know, not change, changes is probably one of the biggest challenges we come across. Every project has changes and that’s to be expected.

Andy & Chris (24:56.586)

Andy & Chris (25:05.386)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (25:19.388)
But that is one of the challenges where you do something and then the client has the mind to do it all again. But the deadline doesn’t change. So it does end somewhere. There’s challenges. That building is an amazing building, but it’s listed obviously. It’s a grade two listed building. It’s across several floors and you’ve got no access. I mean, it’s a terraced building. You’ve got no parking. It’s in a very busy part of London. And when you’re talking a six month project with loads of materials, it’s really hard to start to work in.

Andy & Chris (25:24.138)
Mm. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (25:32.97)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (25:48.732)
The floors are not large and there’s five floors. So you’re constantly going up and down stairs. Yeah, logistically that was a very challenging project because with a listed building, there’s a lot and we had to get listed building consent and you can’t touch a lot of fabric of the building. So we can’t cut into floors or walls. So you had to build false floors and build false walls and then hang equipment off that. Yeah, the planning was key to that. We spent a long time planning that and the approval process and in a certain sense once you got it well planned and the delivery.

Andy & Chris (26:02.154)

Andy & Chris (26:07.114)

Andy & Chris (26:11.146)

Andy & Chris (26:14.986)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (26:16.764)
90 % of the decisions are made, it’s just then the delivery kind of putting into practice.

Andy & Chris (26:18.546)
Yeah, it’s interesting what you say about where people have a clear vision and you’re so right because quite often…

And this spans many different things. People can often tell you what they don’t like, but they find it hard to articulate what they do like. So you give them some options. You go, no, I don’t like any of those. Right. Okay. So what do you like? I don’t know. Give me some other options. So when somebody says we want this and it has to look like this and it has to feel like that, and these are our brand colors and this is the style and they can give you kind of a playbook of things that they know work for them. That, from your point of view, must be absolute gold. You were saying you get people that change, that

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (26:33.084)
Yeah. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (26:57.772)
what they change their sort of mind or change their vision or how they want it during the actual project.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (27:05.148)
Yeah, every project. Yeah, I mean, and you can understand it. You’d be surprised not to get it. Yeah, the whole time. And I get it myself. Like, sometimes what they think is going to look right, when it’s actually put up, or, you know, the camera is actually installed, or the type of floor goes down, they look, actually, I don’t like it. So yeah, it does happen. And yeah, something we wanted to improve on is like how we can…

Andy & Chris (27:07.05)
Really? Is it that frequent?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (27:32.796)
visualize it beforehand to stop this thing happening.

Andy & Chris (27:34.25)
Well, I suppose you’re stuck with that thing aren’t you of either you try and factor in the change of mind Day or whatever it might be or you think well, okay We won’t we because that you know if someone says why actually I don’t like that floor you think Take that floor up and put a new floor down, but you think order a new floor in a just yeah Yeah, yeah must be really hard. Yeah. Yeah

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (27:39.708)
Yeah. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (27:49.936)

And you’ve got the knock on trades, like the trades have been arranged for like weeks in advance after floor is decorated after deck, blah, blah, blah. And then as soon as they change, you’ve got to reschedule that. so does come with it.

Andy & Chris (28:01.77)
Are there common kind of hidden problems on projects? You know, is it timings, budgets, getting CQC approval? Are there common things that you know through your experience and kind of tend to come up in most projects and need managing?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (28:20.156)
Yeah, it’s a good point. We’ve got two very different project types. A refurbishment or a fit -out in an existing surgery is such a different ballgame to a squat. And it’s a lot harder because a squat is an empty shell. You can get a big team in there and you can make as much noise and as dust as you need to. Because there’s no one there, right? But working in a live practice is a completely different ballgame. And that’s…

Andy & Chris (28:31.21)

Andy & Chris (28:40.106)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (28:47.068)
We came at it from that side and that is really challenging when you’ve got, you can’t turn the water off, you can’t turn the air off because they’re working and you’ve got patients being seen next door so you can’t smash the floor up and make an empty racket. I think that’s probably one of the biggest pitfalls of challenges is being clear and making the team aware that this is what will happen and this is what to expect because any refurbishment is very disruptive to a project and we always try and say to a load.

Andy & Chris (29:13.354)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (29:14.748)
just bear in mind this is going to be challenging, get the team on board. I guess one of the biggest pitfalls is just not perhaps if from a client’s point of view, making sure they’re aware of what’s involved for them. It is a disruption to their practice and however good the tradesman might be, just to prepare for it because stuff, materials being delivered for example, a pallet turning up and 20 sheets of plastic coming into the practice. It’s got to happen, it’s got to get in there. And…

Andy & Chris (29:30.186)

Andy & Chris (29:37.386)



Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (29:44.316)
It’s just sort of communicating that and working with the teams to understand this is the…

Andy & Chris (29:46.614)
Hmm I was just thinking it must be like things like I hadn’t really thought about it But you know, you’re you’re doing a surgery you’ve got other surgeries running but then there must be like dust and stuff like that So so then they’ve they’ve got a faff about Contamination and all that sort of thing that you’ve you’ve probably got to tell them this is gonna happen So you need to prepare for this. I assume for your part Squats aren’t as challenging as reef

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (30:04.604)


Andy & Chris (30:16.138)
existing business. I would have thought a squat where you can go into an empty space, there’s no operational business on a day -to -day basis. You’ve got free freedom to roam around as you want. I’ll shoot for you that’s a much easier project.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (30:30.748)
Definitely, yeah, 100 % it is. It does come down to the building type though, like 11 for example was a squat, but it was quite a challenging building. Yeah, so many practices in old houses and you take up the floors or you take out the cabinetry and all the plaster falls off and you find remains of dead people under the floor without that. Yeah, long time ago. But that is…

Andy & Chris (30:36.394)

Listed, built in, da da da, da da da da da da da. Yes, still, yeah.

Andy & Chris (30:51.562)
No. What? Bodies? Seriously?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (30:55.292)
No, just like, yeah, like we knew it was under there, it was a thing in the practice, like there’s people buried underneath there, so I think so. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (31:01.61)
Wow. So what do you do with that then? Do you sort of have to get sort of like a disinterment certificate or something or people come along and dig them up or something?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (31:07.74)
Yeah, it was before I actually joined, but yeah, it was quite a long time ago. But yeah, I don’t actually know what happened, but you know, it’s the challenges of an existing, a lot of old practices in old houses and you know, it’s…

Andy & Chris (31:18.058)
I just love the way that someone go, yeah, yeah, don’t want those people buried under there. What?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (31:22.172)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we are done to practice and you know, when it goes wrong, we stick them under the floor.

Andy & Chris (31:28.554)
I was going to say, it hasn’t aired on Sweeney Todd about this, has it? Because obviously, for people that don’t know, he was a barber that used to slit people’s throats. And then he tipped back in the barber’s chair and they disappeared down this sort of chute. But he turned them into pies, they weren’t even chimpancred. Yeah, so you can kind of see some flip -top dental chairs going up. Wow. That was bizarre. That was bizarre.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (31:32.668)
Thank you.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (31:37.756)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (31:46.868)
Yeah. Yeah, but you get some real surprises sometimes when you start, you know, and often a revulsion, you’ve got like two weeks, it’s got to be done. And then day two, you take up the floor and you find, you know, all the joists are rotten and like, so that is something we’ve learned over the time, just like this is the program, but subject to what we find, because you just don’t know what it’s going to be.

Andy & Chris (31:59.21)
Mmm. Yeah, yeah.


Andy & Chris (32:10.186)
I was going to ask you a question that’s what’s the most funny, what’s the most weird thing you’ve come across in a reefer, but I think you might have trumped it with dead bodies really, but is there a second funniest thing you’ve ever come across?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (32:18.084)
Yeah, actually one we did come across, which is which is a good surprise. was a well under a Yeah practicing Cambridge and lovely practice and didn’t I was there took up the floor and there’s a well Yeah, like I’ve been covered over and it was like, you know, 200 feet deep or however deep it was. yeah, so yeah.

Andy & Chris (32:31.722)

Andy & Chris (32:39.762)
What? Flip. Wow. Tell me you put a glass floor. Did they turn it into a feature? Yeah. Did they keep it? beautiful. stunning.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (32:47.388)
Yeah, absolutely. It’s all lit up and there’s a glass kind of… It was likely it was in a corridor, so communal area. But yeah, it’s amazing. There’s some lovely buildings around and we do go into some… Yeah.

Andy & Chris (32:57.322)
wow, send the link over, I’d love to see that. That sounds incredible. Hopefully it’s like that one in China where when you walk on it, it cracks and scares the crap out of people. That would be quite funny.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (33:05.116)

Andy & Chris (33:08.554)
We’ve kind of talked about like refirs and squats and we’ve been together on webinars where we talked about squats. For somebody who kind of gets involved in these projects quite early on, do you have any tips for people who might be thinking about doing a squat? What their kind of checklist should include really early on? Which would help you when they come to you?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (33:33.116)
Yeah, that’s good. Good question. There’s lots really, I could say. I’ll probably just keep it simple because there’s the power of one. From our perspective, I guess we’re involved in a squat just in a limited capacity in that we would often design it, fit it out. There’s a lot more into squats than that. There’s the whole HR, the marketing, the finance, the business side of it, which you are much more versed in. From a cost control and…

Andy & Chris (33:49.77)
Hmm. Hmm.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (33:58.716)
what you can deliver as a practice. I’d say one of the most important things if you’re considering starting a squat is finding a good site. Touching it earlier, if you go for an old, if it’s an old site split across lots of levels, old building, it’s a can of worms and you don’t know what you’re going to find. And it’s very hard for any honest contractor to say what’s going to be involved until it’s ripped out. We do a lot on old banks.

Andy & Chris (34:19.882)

Andy & Chris (34:26.474)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (34:28.988)
And banks are, there’s loads of old banks going at the moment because, you know, banks are closing down and often in great locations. But they’re often old buildings with huge vaults in the basements and, you know, massive thick floors. Yeah. And security wiring everywhere. And they’re really challenging units to work in. And the flip side is you see these sort of high rise buildings being built with, you know, brand new, you know, just shell, concrete shell, never been fitted out before. I mean, from a cost and kind of risk perspective.

Andy & Chris (34:38.026)
Yeah, that’s a great steel doors. Yeah

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (34:56.028)
They’re completely pulled apart. You could be half the, in terms of cost. So I always, always say to people, get us involved or get a specialist involved, someone who knows about dense branches to help assess the site. Just get good advice because.

Andy & Chris (34:57.962)

Andy & Chris (35:09.45)
At least I guess to understand whether it’s viable. I visited Tooth Club, I met Kunal Thacker at one of his sites over in Essex and that was in a converted bank and they’d integrated the safe into the practice with it being a TCO room and another Kunal, Kunal Patel at Love Teeth, he’s got the same, he’s got one of his practices, not sure, it might be Worcester Park, I can’t remember, but again.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (35:13.98)

Yeah, okay.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (35:21.564)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (35:29.852)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (35:33.34)
Yeah. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (35:39.356)
one of those practices again has the safe with the safe door stood in place open and it’s a really nice feature but I appreciate that there is there’s quite a lot of logistics that comes comes with that as well.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (35:52.22)
Yeah, no, absolutely. The main things people want to know early on is like looking at the site, how many surgeries, what’s it going to cost, and how long is it going to take. And that’s really great questions and it’s good to… Yeah, exactly. Yeah, what’s it going to cost, how long is it going to take and how many rooms, because in the day that’s what’s important. So yeah, it’s, you know, we really enjoy going around helping people look at that sort of thing. And don’t, all I say is be careful choosing a design and involve someone who knows.

Andy & Chris (35:59.818)
Mm. Mm.

Andy & Chris (36:05.61)
how much.

Andy & Chris (36:11.882)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (36:22.108)
what makes a good site. It can make a huge difference to the success of the practice, but also the process in getting there.

Andy & Chris (36:22.794)

Andy & Chris (36:26.514)
Hmm. Yeah. Have you ever had Murray, anyone who’s come along with no budget and just sort of said, do what you like, show me your best? Has that ever happened?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (36:37.244)
Yeah, it was my last miss yesterday actually. I don’t think… No, I don’t think so. We’ve had some interesting ones, yeah.

Andy & Chris (36:42.026)
There’s always, someone always comes with a budget that sort of.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (36:45.916)
Yeah, there’s been some both ends of the spectrum some some amusing budgets, but also some you know, I want I want the best. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, that’ll be fine. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (36:51.21)
Yeah, that’s true. I got 20 grand. What can you do? Here’s someone else’s number.

So you’re you’re you’re big into the three seas as well and people assume perhaps we’re talking about you know bodies of water lakes oceans But but your three seas are coffee chocolate and cheese. no, okay four seas very nice. Yeah, it’s not nice nice to have an extra phone in there. On coffee. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Are you are you a coffee snob or do you just take any any old coffee?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (37:14.908)
I’ve got four actually. The other one’s cognac, but I didn’t put it down. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (37:28.636)
No, not a coffee snub. Any coffee, anytime, any place. It’s caffeine. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (37:34.858)
So a styrofoam cup, still fine by you. Is this kind of like the old school when you’re working on a site and somebody brings you a coffee, it doesn’t matter what it’s like, you’re gonna enjoy it. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (37:44.412)
Yeah, as long as it’s hot. Doesn’t matter what it tastes like, it’s okay. Yeah, no, I drink coffee way too much for it, but yeah.

Andy & Chris (37:51.37)
probably hard hat related. And in hierarchy how would you rank your coffee, your chocolate, your cheese and your cognac? I hope cognac is not at the top.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (37:53.34)
He would be a…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (37:58.044)
that’s a tricky one. no, they’re all served different purposes, don’t they, so… Yeah, erm… I’ll tell you, probably drink more coffee than Cognac, but it’d be quite close. No. Yeah, nice. Can you? Yeah. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (38:08.458)
They do, they do. And they’re all good in their own right.

Andy & Chris (38:15.05)
What’s in that cup you’re drinking is that is that a coffee You can have coffee and cognac. That’s quite a nice little combo really bit of a waste of good cognac, but yeah, yeah We always we always ask our guests the same two questions has become to the end

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (38:28.508)
Yeah, yeah.

Andy & Chris (38:36.17)
just to get a little bit inside your head. And the first question is, if you were given the opportunity to be a fly on a wall in a situation, where would you be and who’d be there?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (38:47.42)
Yeah, it’s good question. This is I struggle with this one. I’m not going to take this one on. I changed actually. I would love to know. I’m not particularly politically biased person, but I’d love to have known what’s going on inside number 10 Downing Street in the last 24 hours and Rishi Sunak in his cabinet and launching a general investor.

Andy & Chris (39:06.121)

Right. Okay. Yeah. So this episode is going to get this episode is going to go out in the future But in the UK a general election has been called for the 4th of july 2024 so obviously we already have a we’ve got a conservative government And the conservative party aren’t in the best of places in terms of opinion polls And that’s what Murray’s referring to the decision was made yesterday. It was it was yesterday They called the the general I thought he’d hang on. It must have been I thought he’d hang on for as long as he could see had until January

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (39:13.02)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (39:28.284)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (39:35.1)
Yeah, December, isn’t it? Is it December? Yeah, otherwise.

Andy & Chris (39:38.47)
was it December or January? Yeah, I thought he’d hang on and get the figures. But then someone this morning said they reckon the numbers might change a bit. So anyway, yeah, we’ll see. We’ll see. Yeah, it’s a big decision. And my hunch is that so much in big politics, as we saw with Cambridge Analytica in a previous…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (39:49.18)
Must have been a big decision.

Andy & Chris (40:00.266)
situation where we got to vote is data driven and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they looked at the time of the year where people are likely to be what else is going on in the country. They’ll all be on holiday. Well, holiday and I think particularly there was talk about perhaps lots of younger people might be in transition either on holidays or you know touring a friend from university. So I’m sure a lot went into the decision that said actually this might be the best day.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (40:27.068)

Andy & Chris (40:30.22)
for the sitting government. Hopefully people will vote. Yes, yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (40:33.532)
Yeah, yeah, that’s fascinating. I’d love to see it behind the scenes or actually how the decisions are made and yeah

Andy & Chris (40:39.658)
Yeah, yeah, no, that would be a good one. Yeah. And if you got the opportunity to meet somebody to sit down in your case, it would probably be with a coffee and a cognac. Who would you? If it was a long conversation, exactly. If it was long, nice bit of cheddar. Who would you? Who would you like to sit down with you if you were given the choice?

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (41:00.284)
Yeah, I probably have to say Ben Francis. Jim Shark, yeah. Got a lot of admiration for him. Young guy, I think I’m about the same age as him. And I wouldn’t dare compare myself to him, but you know, dropped out of school. Not that I dropped out of school, but I did go to uni. You know, I don’t think he did either. Better check that out actually. But yeah, just an amazing source of inspiration for me really, because he’s just an incredible guy. Love to meet him. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (41:03.178)
gym shop. Yeah, impressive guy. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (41:15.594)
Yep. Yep.

Andy & Chris (41:22.634)
Yeah, he is hugely impressive. I think the thing for me for such a young guy to start a business and then step away from that business and bring in a CEO and he had some time away while he kind of grew, developed and learned and then came back into the business to grow it further. I don’t know who’s guiding and advising or whether it was just intuition, but he seems to make.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (41:42.588)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (41:46.524)

Andy & Chris (41:48.522)
incredibly smart and quite mature decision. Didn’t you set it for a billion? Didn’t you do it for over a billion? Yeah, yeah, it’s not bad at 30 or whatever age it is. And the thing is, like we’ve got those pictures of kind of, you know, Jeff Bezos working from a garage, he’s first desk at Amazon. yeah, with Amazon. But there are pictures of Ben Francis in his mum’s lounge, kind of folding t -shirts and putting them in bags. Dressed in lycra. Was he dressed in lycra? But it literally was. But also I think that…

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (41:55.996)
Right, yeah.


Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (42:05.756)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (42:11.932)
that’s it. Yeah, but his trousers tucked into his socks. Yeah.

Andy & Chris (42:18.282)
quite often.

I mean, he’s an incredible guy, but I think timing is so important. And I think what he had, I mean, the products are outstanding, but he was able to tap into that community of gym goers and create that club feel in that community just at the time when it was really on the up. And he saw something that other people didn’t. And he really went for that and built on it. So I think his timing was spot on, but he also had a great product range and he’s a very, very impressive guy.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (42:33.18)
Yeah. Yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (42:49.979)
Yeah, I agree and it’s such a co -orditized space, the clothing industry apparel. But amazing how he’s done it, yeah. Built a brand and yeah, very successful. He’s got a personal brand as well, hasn’t he? You know, a lot of these successful people. And they use it to the good of Reefs, yeah. Yeah, I guess I can relate to him probably in a funny way. That’s probably why I’d love to meet him. Yeah, that’s it, yeah. Just a normal guy.

Andy & Chris (42:54.026)

Andy & Chris (43:02.346)
Yes, yeah, yeah, and he comes across and he comes across well, there’s a there’s a degree of likeability about him. He seems. Yeah, that’s right. He’s not aloof. Yeah, and I think the one of my one of my other sons.

He’s got a friend who’s close friends with Ben and he says that what you see is the guy he says it’s not it’s not front that that’s just how he is and it’s always quite nice to know what the other side is because we never quite know whether we’re being played and Whether that really is the person is that just a public image, but bold accounts. That’s that is what the guy’s like, which is is very impressive

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (43:23.004)


Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (43:34.396)
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Did you meet Stephen last week? Did you Andy at the dental show? Stephen Bartlett?

Andy & Chris (43:44.394)
No, well, no, so we were an exhibitor and it was heavily over subscribed. But where our stand was, we did manage to peek behind the curtain. And I’ve since had a chat to Nilesh who hosted it. And yeah, it went really well. It went really well. And listening to him and he’s again somebody else who just has that knack to relate to people. And his narrative is so kind of where people are at at the moment. And he tells his story.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (43:49.436)
Yeah, okay.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (43:54.364)

Yeah, I can, yeah.

Andy & Chris (44:14.348)
so well and he was able to adjust his stories and what he talked about for a dental audience as well which is good because yeah in those situations it might be easy just to trot out relatively generic content but the things he was talking about actually were tweaked for a dental audience. It was really good yeah yeah I didn’t sit in but I was able to peek behind the curtain.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (44:15.388)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (44:22.044)
Big thing, yeah.

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (44:28.444)

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (44:36.22)
Yeah, I guess.

Andy & Chris (44:37.578)
Mary it’s been a joy. Thank you for your time today. It’s been really good. I think the business you’re in is interesting. I think the stuff that you do in and out of dentists is interesting. And I think it’s just kind of, you know, one for our listeners to get a real insight behind the scenes of what really goes in to kind of, you know, your world of dentistry, you know, that refurb, that building. Because a lot of people do talk about squats or if they’re in a practice, they need to stay at the forefront of what’s out there. And I think you’re the sort of guy that they should be listening to.

So now we appreciate it and the rapid relief team actually. I thought that was educational for me. Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s brilliant. So, thank you. Yeah, brilliant Thanks a lot for your time. Look after yourself. Cheers. My tears. My tears data

Murray Welch | Anglian Dental (45:15.58)
Thanks, Ali. Thanks, Chris. Cheers.


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