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Discover How Perseverance Leads to Successful Dental Practice Sales!

Posted on March 05, 2024 in Articles & Frank Taylor & Associates

In the complex area of dental practice sales, perseverance is a key attribute for success.

Selling a dental practice is not merely a transaction; it is a complex process that demands patience and resilience and a high level of expertise which the Frank Taylor & Associates (FTA) team have in abundance!

A testament to this was the FTA team’s recent involvement in managing the sale of a dental practice in Cambridgeshire.

Initially put on the market in 2021, the practice didn’t find the right buyer at the time, leading the client to withdraw the practice from sale and seek assistance elsewhere.

However, the FTA team remained committed and kept in contact with the client. Their perseverance paid off when, in Autumn 2023, the client chose to re-engage with the team.

Relaunched to the open market, the practice’s sale took a dramatic turn for the better. The renewed listing attracted lots of interest and viewings, which resulted in an offer being placed and accepted within just three weeks—a stark contrast to before.

The client was delighted, and the sale moved forward following the Frank Taylor & Associates’ proven sales model.

This story highlights that the outcome of a sale cannot be predicted until it is underway, but by not giving up, the FTA team was able to work with this client to achieve a great result.

For those considering the sale of their practice, this story serves as a great reason to start a conversation with the FTA team – get in touch on 0330 088 1156.

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