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How do you choose a lawyer when selling a dental practice?

Posted on August 11, 2020 in Articles & Frank Taylor & Associates

How to choose a lawyer when selling a dental practice.

When the time comes to sell your dental practice, you need to ensure you make the right decision as to which lawyer to work with to handle the sale.



In this short video, Andy Acton and Chris Strevens discuss the criteria you should consider when making your decision on a lawyer to handle the sale of a dental practice, or indeed the purchase of a dental practice and the pros and cons of selecting one on the basis of cost over experience.

A dental transaction takes several months so it’s important that the person who’s going to be responsible for driving the sale forward, dealing with all the legal documentation, and protecting your interests in the contract has the right skills and knowledge.

It makes sense to work with a lawyer who has experience in buying and selling a dental practice as all lawyers specialise in different areas, from matrimonial work, to corporate or employment work.

You need to be certain that your lawyer will work for you and that they have a “let’s get the deal done” attitude – you don’t want the sale to go on any longer than is absolutely necessary. Plus, you don’t want to be overpaying for the work. You’re not going to get the work for free but if you’re paying, you want to make sure it’s a fair and decent price and that the work will be done on time in a manner that you expect.

Engaging an experienced lawyer is certainly worth it if you’re selling a dental practice.

If after watching the video, you still have some further questions or need more advice on choosing a lawyer when selling a dental practice, please give us a call on 0330 088 1156 – we’d be more than happy to help and point you in the right direction.

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