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Incredible Value (Could You Be Next?)

Posted on May 19, 2015 in Articles & Frank Taylor & Associates

Last week at an auction house in New York there was 11 minutes of bidding followed by the auctioneer bringing down the gavel with the word ‘Sold!’Picasso - Women of Algiers

The lot sold was Picasso’s Women of Algiers and was sold for £115m making it the most expensive painting ever sold at auction.

This record breaking price was achieved because there was significant demand for this piece of art, it was the open market that led to this phenomenal price being achieved.

Had there only been a few selected buyers invited to bid would it have achieved £115m – I very much doubt it.

This same principle applies to selling a dental practice and whilst I can’t promise you £115m, I can assure you that presenting the opportunity to a wide audience consistently achieves higher prices than approaching a few select buyers.

You deserve the best price you can for your prized asset, so when the gavel comes down make sure you’ve got the price you deserve for all you hard work.

To find out what your Picasso is worth get in touch here.

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