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Need a new challenge?

Posted on May 23, 2013 in Frank Taylor & Associates

Need a new challenge? FT&A Medical Recruitment offers jobseekers and clients some useful advice. Do you find yourself clock watching after lunch?! Do you spend Sunday nights dreading the upcoming Monday morning? Is the role not fulfilling your expectations? A new challenge is required then. What should you be bearing in mind if you wish to get the job of your dreams? Let’s start at the beginning: Your CV. This may seem an obvious thing to say but it needs to be said because so many professionals still get it wrong. Do your best to avoid any gaps in the employment history. If there are gaps, make sure that you can adequately explain them. Not everyone is fantastic at spelling but you can get it checked by someone who is! Don’t embellish or lie – it will catch up with you. An on the ball recruitment agency will be able to review your CV and offer you advice on how and where to improve it. How far will you travel? It is wise to be realistic – particularly if you will beholden to public transport! CRB, GDC etc. As you would expect these all need to be in order and up-to-date. Do you have good, solid references? Are you sure? It is not uncommon for some candidates to find that what they thought were references expressing how wonderful they were and an ideal employee, are quite different. What type of role is it that you are looking for? Temporary, permanent – have you considered a locum appointment? The more flexible that you can be, the more posts will be open and available to you. Salary. Quite possibly number one on your list?! It is of course a vital part of the process and one of the most important reasons for choosing or not choosing a role. Your expectations need to be realistic however. It is tough out there and many dental professionals can have an overvalued opinion of what they are worth. Have in your mind the minimum that you will consider and be open and honest about the numbers with any potential employer. There is no point in accepting an offer that you feel is too low and then whingeing about it for months to come – a frank dialogue is in everyone’s best interests. Conditions and Benefits. These can be somewhat overlooked as many push for the salary above all else. A mistake – pension provision, holidays, flexible working hours can make a ‘maybe’ job become a ‘definitely’. Appropriate dress and appearance for interviews. This may come as somewhat of a surprise in a recruitment article for a professional magazine? In our experience though it is actually quite common for candidates of any education to get it spectacularly wrong when attending interviews! All we suggest is that you give this some consideration – what is the role? Who am I meeting? What level of seniority will I be looking to hold? Register with agencies that you can trust. It generally doesn’t cost anything to join an agency but choose with care and ideally a name that has been associated specifically with the healthcare profession for some time. At FT&A Medical we are in regular contact with so many practices and professionals – we are able to match up an unprecedented number of candidates with vacancies. We are able to do this through the extensive trust, reach and awareness in the dental marketplace that Frank Taylor and Associates have built. For all your recruitment needs contact FT&A Medical Recruitment on 08456 123434

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