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Champions of the first-time buyer!


Buying a dental practice is a big financial decision so getting the right financial advice is crucial from the very start.  We recently spoke to David Brewer, managing director of FTA Finance, to find out more about why it’s important you work with an independent broker and how he and the team at FTA Finance … Continue reading “Champions of the first-time buyer!”

Knowledge is power!


Knowledge is power! It’s always lovely to hear positive feedback about the service we deliver and the feedback from our first ‘Blueprint for Success’ masterclass was no different. Held at the end of September, our one-day masterclass aimed specifically at those wanting to inform their journey into dentistry whether as a new dentist, associate or … Continue reading “Knowledge is power!”

Why 2024 will be a great time to buy a dental practice – a conversation with Lis Hughes


Our Managing Director, Lis Hughes, recently joined Chris Barrow and Ashley Latter on their podcast “Two Reds are Better Than One” to talk about why 2024 will be a great time to buy a dental practice. During the conversation Lis discusses topics that will be of interest to all existing owners and equally those who … Continue reading “Why 2024 will be a great time to buy a dental practice – a conversation with Lis Hughes”

Learn how Manhar Segal gained £685,000 more than he expected by selling with Frank Taylor & Associates!


Manhar Segal shares a heartfelt account of his journey in dental practice ownership and how he ended up with a staggering £685,000 more than he expected! Beginning with meeting his partner during the initial stages of his career, they embarked on a dream to establish their own dental practice. Starting in a modest, run-down shop, … Continue reading “Learn how Manhar Segal gained £685,000 more than he expected by selling with Frank Taylor & Associates!”

The Hardest Job


It’s often said, probably only partly in jest, that the hardest job in the country is that of manager of the national football team. The team’s success (or otherwise!) can have quite an impact on the national mood. It seems everyone has a view on tactics and team selection and what the manager should do. … Continue reading “The Hardest Job”

Setting up a Squat Dental Practice


Our Director, Andy Acton, recently joined Zoe Close, Head of Sales at Practice Plan to talk about the benefits of setting up a squat practice and other things to consider when doing so. What you’ll hear: The differences of setting up a squat vs buying an existing practice The benefits Success rates are we seeing … Continue reading “Setting up a Squat Dental Practice”

Behind the Sale!


We are asked to sell dental practices for a variety of reasons, from retirement to a change of personal circumstances, and sometimes due to ill health of the practice owner or of a loved one/family member. A recent practice sale of a mixed, two surgery, leasehold practice in Surrey that we were asked to deal … Continue reading “Behind the Sale!”

Behind the Sale!


We love it when we can achieve a great result for our clients and an above asking price offer is just that! We recently handled a practice sale for the owner of a two surgery, NHS practice in the West Midlands.  The practice was valued at just under £800,000 and received lots of interest when … Continue reading “Behind the Sale!”

Behind the Sale!


We’re often asked how long it takes to sell a dental practice.  The honest answer is that the speed of a sale depends on several factors, such as the level of interest we receive once the sale process starts, whether a buyer already has funding in place through to the speed which the seller completes … Continue reading “Behind the Sale!”

Leasehold or Freehold: The Hidden Detail


The purchase of a dental practice, or indeed any property or business, should be the culmination of a series of well thought out and researched decisions. These will be the purchaser’s assessments on the location, style of property, accessibility, the client base, the opportunity and affordability of any improvements you may wish to make, and … Continue reading “Leasehold or Freehold: The Hidden Detail”

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