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How much does a dental practice sell for?


There is no standard for what a dental practice sells for. There are over thirty factors that need to be considered when assessing the goodwill value of a dental practice. The key determining factor on how much a dental practice will sell for is the location. A dental practice located in a large city or … Continue reading “How much does a dental practice sell for?”

NASDAL Goodwill Survey – The Dental Broker’s View


The latest NASDAL Goodwill Survey is very interesting when you dig behind the graph. The headline shows this as the fifth consecutive quarter when deal values have risen – which I am completely in agreement with.  This experience mirrors that of Frank Taylor & Associates who continued to have deals progress and complete in 2020 … Continue reading “NASDAL Goodwill Survey – The Dental Broker’s View”

Dental practice market update – January 2021


Andy Acton takes a closer look at the dental practice market since COVID hit and looks forward to see what it will look like in 2021. 2020 was a year like no other and that will be etched in our memories forever. Remarkably the dental sales market was broadly unaffected and goodwill values have held … Continue reading “Dental practice market update – January 2021”

Key Learnings


Covid has impacted the whole planet and every aspect of our lives. Dentistry is not immune from this and feels different in 2021.   Whilst dental practices are now allowed to remain open (and rightly so) in the more recent lockdowns there is still an impact for the profession.   The style of work for … Continue reading “Key Learnings”

Dental Practice Sales Hold Up in 2021


It is easy to get caught up in the Covid frenzy and assume that everything is bleak. Of course the pandemic is catching the headlines and the increased transmission rate from the new variant is of course a concern. However, there is still positive news and activity in the dental sales market which provides hope … Continue reading “Dental Practice Sales Hold Up in 2021”

When selling a dental practice, who should value the practice?


Your dental practice is a valuable asset so if you’ve decided to sell then it’s important you get a valuation from an independent expert before you put your practice on the market and accept an offer. Dental practices vary considerably and there are several key factors that will impact on a practice value. Anyone valuing … Continue reading “When selling a dental practice, who should value the practice?”

The Green Shoots of Recovery


Feedback from a survey on the impact of COVID on the dental profession has provided some optimism for 2021.  The research consisted predominantly of practice principals, from a cross section of the UK.  Clearly the last year had been a strain for all, with nearly 60% reporting the pandemic had either a significant or severe … Continue reading “The Green Shoots of Recovery”

Buying & selling practices post-lockdown


Buying & Selling Practice Post-Lockdown Lis Hughes, Managing Director at Frank Taylor & Associates was recently interviewed by Zoe Close, Sales Manager at Practice Plan, and shared her thoughts on how the dental property market has been affected by COVID-19. The interview was published in the Dentist Magazine (December 2020 issue) – Read Now.

EBITDA explained


A word of caution when working out a dental practice valuation.  Andy Acton explains more…..

State of the dental sales market


Andy Acton recently talked to James Martin on his Dentists Who Invest podcast. Here is Andy’s view on the state of the dental sales market at present. It’s not been an easy year for practice owners, but a horrid one for associates.

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