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Why are you going?


The 2016 BDIA Dental Showcase seems to have crept up on us quickly this year and with just over a week to go now, we’re now busy preparing for what we hope will be another great show. An indicator of a ‘great show’ for us is primarily ensuring we have lots of opportunities to share … Continue reading “Why are you going?”

Why So Many Buyers?


The numbers of buyers registered with Frank Taylor & Associates is normally met with disbelief or in some cases, from desperate buyers, denial that the competition is really that fierce. Some numbers of dentists looking for particular practices to give us some perspective. Predominantly NHS income, three surgeries, leasehold practice in Essex – 1,387 Mixed … Continue reading “Why So Many Buyers?”



Frank Taylor & Associates wins Business Excellence Award two years in a row! We are delighted to announce that Frank Taylor & Associates has been awarded an AI Business Excellence Award for the second year running. Awarded the 2016 award for “Best Independent Dental Valuer & Sales Agent – UK” in the highly regarded business awards, … Continue reading “WIN, WIN, WIN!”

Selling your practice – make sure you do the right thing


Without doubt we’ve all been faced with a decision or situation where we have known what the right thing to do is, but paused before jumping in.  Some decisions are not always as straight forward as you might think or hope and you can often be left pondering the dilemma, “should I or shouldn’t I?’ … Continue reading “Selling your practice – make sure you do the right thing”

Seek Quality, Not Price. It Lasts Longer.


Most things, be it a service or a product, come in a variety of ranges, prices and choices. There are many low-cost furniture stores where you can buy a coffee table for less than £20, equally it isn’t difficult to find beautiful pieces that are upwards of £7,000. Price should be a reflection of quality. … Continue reading “Seek Quality, Not Price. It Lasts Longer.”

Knowledge is power!


Buying a dental practice is a big step and requires your total commitment for this to become a reality. Such is the market at present you are facing a lot of competition.  We currently have over 4,300 dentists registered with us, so it is critical that you get the information and support you need as … Continue reading “Knowledge is power!”

Is this your first time?


For most principals selling a dental practice is a once in a lifetime experience because the majority of principals only ever own one practice. Given this it would make sense to engage some help to ensure you get the very best result possible. When I travelled to the west coast of North America I engaged … Continue reading “Is this your first time?”

Goodwill – Feel Something is Missing?


When it comes to selling a dental practice there are many principals who are left feeling they were short changed. To achieve the best goodwill value you need to follow a few key steps. Don’t allow the buyer to value your business – this is the first cardinal sin. Whether the buyer is your friend down the … Continue reading “Goodwill – Feel Something is Missing?”

Valuation Policy Change


At Frank Taylor & Associates we specialise in valuing dental practices and when doing this hundreds of times a year we get a good handle on the market and how it is changing. As with most markets things change and in dentistry it is the demand for dental practices that heavily impacts on their value. … Continue reading “Valuation Policy Change”

Use your Freehold to Reduce Your Tax Bill


You may be aware of the ability to claim Capital Allowances against your commercial freehold property – such as the premises your dental practice operates from. If not then full details are here. If you have purchased a commercial freehold between April 2013 and April 2014 then you could potentially claim back 10% of the freehold … Continue reading “Use your Freehold to Reduce Your Tax Bill”

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