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Behind the Sale!


Clients come to us for help selling their dental practice for all number of reasons…retirement, pursuing other interests, change of career to name just a few. However, occasionally we are asked to sell a practice as quickly as possible due to much sadder circumstances such as this recent sale we handled for the owner of … Continue reading “Behind the Sale!”

No Need to Fear the Legal Minefield


We’ve discussed before that for many in the industry buying and/or selling their dental practice will be one of, if not the, biggest financial transaction of a lifetime, and what steps can be done to maximise that value. Of course, getting a good valuation is critical, but it means nothing unless it can be realised, … Continue reading “No Need to Fear the Legal Minefield”

Practice ownership in the current dental landscape


Our Managing Director, Lis Hughes, recently joined Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Practice Plan Group to discuss the current dental sales market, the effect on practice ownership and points to consider when buying or selling a practice. What you’ll hear: An update on the current dental landscape and sales market What are people … Continue reading “Practice ownership in the current dental landscape”

Do you know your escape velocity?


Until today, the expression was unfamiliar to us too. It appears to denote the speed at which one can finalise the sale of their business. Our most accomplished clients are thoroughly prepared and possess the ability to rapidly conclude transactions, wrapping up all loose ends within a span of 120 days. We refer to this … Continue reading “Do you know your escape velocity?”

Tell us what you think!


Here at Frank Taylors & Associates we recognise there are many elements that contribute to the well-being of a dentist and would really appreciate it if you could give five minutes of your time. We are trying to collate data which we could use in a report later in the year and are asking dentists … Continue reading “Tell us what you think!”

Goodwill Hunting – Part 2


Lis Hughes of Frank Taylor & Associates continues her discussion on how to increase the goodwill in your practice. Last month we looked at lease lengths and potential extensions, the benefits of doing work ‘in house’ rather than onward referring. This month we look at efficiency, maximising the return on your assets and what a healthy … Continue reading “Goodwill Hunting – Part 2”

We’re not like everyone else!


To explain more about our unique approach, we’ve produced a short video….. If you’d like to find out more about how we can work with you, please contact our team on 0330 088 1156.

Predicting the Market….


Our Managing Director, Lis Hughes, recently had the pleasure of talking to the team at The Probe magazine about the current dental practice sales market and shared her top tips for anyone currently thinking of buying or selling a dental practice. Make sure you have a listen…. (podcast release date – 29 June 2023)

Goodwill Hunting


A lot is written and spoken about goodwill in a business, but in its simplest terms it refers to the value of a business over and above its tangible assets. It’s easy enough to understand the value to physical (i.e., tangible) assets like equipment, chairs, or computers, it’s harder to put a monetary price on … Continue reading “Goodwill Hunting”

Where there’s a Will, there’s peace of mind.


What do Picasso, Jimi Hendrix, and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? You’re probably thinking, not much. But they do, in fact, have one big thing in common. They all died intestate—which means they died without having a will. As living creatures, the sad, but brutal truth, is that we all have a limited time to … Continue reading “Where there’s a Will, there’s peace of mind.”

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